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Windsor Castle and Windsor Palace

Updated on May 11, 2011

Windsor Castle, Windsor Palace or WIndsor House?

Before I visited Slough to stay with friends I knew little about Windsor Castle, I am not a big fan of the Royal Family and that's not to say I don't like them but I am just not generally that clued up on what the events are that they are involved in. So far I have shown you videos and pictures of my trips to the British museum and Bricklane but that was in central London and Windsor castle was only a 20 minute walk or quick train ride from where my guest house was.

Windsor Castle is often confused with Buckingham Palace by foreigners who call it 'Windsor Palace' or 'Windsor House', I think this is because the castle is where Queen Elizabeth II loves to call home on weekends.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Windsor castle tours when I arrived because of the up coming Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, there will be a commemorative Windsor castle ticket on April 29th to mark the event and official Royal wedding china will be on sale.

One of the most famous events that takes place at Windsor Castle London is the changing of the guard and this only happens elsewhere at Buckingham Palace, the foot guards are commanded to remain standing perfectly still in their red tunics and bearskin hat until 11.25 when they march back to the barracks.

Castle Windsor

Just a 5 minute walk from Slough where my friends live is the small town of Eton which is famous for its exclusive all boys college and I will cover this in another hub but I just wanted to mention the photograph above where you can walk directly through Eton park and over Windsor bridge to Windsor high street.

The Crooked House
The Crooked House

Windsor Castle Tours

Since you are unable to go on any Windsor Castle tours yourself, I have not only included photos but also a video of Windsor high street and some detours we made around the side streets, I apologise for my fingers appearing in part of the video but it does give you an idea of what Windsor is like on a sunny day.

If your aren't particularly interested in looking at the Royal collection in immense detail there are some fun traditional English sights you can find such as 'The Crooked House' or the restaurant 'Carpenters Arms' which features an eerily dark dungeon downstairs.

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park is only a 2 minute walk around the corner from the Windsor Castle and you can spend all day exploring this alone, it is around 4 miles in length with cross sections that include Royal gates such as Queen Annes gate, Rangers gate, Sandpit gate, Forest gate, Prince Consorts gate, Blacknest gate and Bear Rails gate.

Windsor Great Park is also known as the 'Long Walk' but at numerous inter sections where the gates lie you can divert into smaller parks and ponds like 'Great Meadow Pond', 'Home Park', 'Flemish Farm', 'Forest Lodge' and 'Cranbourne Chase'.

Other prominent features include a bronze statue of George III as a Roman Emperor and the Valley Gardens overlooking Virginia water lake, if you make it towards the end of the Great Park you can see semi wild deer walking around freely.


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