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Wondrous India

Updated on June 9, 2013

My Blessed Visit to India

Sometimes in life we have some misconceptions where they come from it a mystery. I was blessed to visit India on a couple of occasions whilst working on luxurious cruise ships, where you spent several days in some ports. I first got to this mysterious place in the early 90’s and then again towards the end of the 90’s, so I guess I will be going back in the near future.

The first place I encountered on my travels was Bombay as it was called at this time, when I returned later it was Mumbai. We were very blessed to spend 5 days on my first visit to this very imperfect and impermanent place like everything in life; we just tend to forget that most things are impermanent.

Some of my pictures in India

The laundry in Mumbai
The laundry in Mumbai
Downtown beach Mumbai
Downtown beach Mumbai
Gandhi's house
Gandhi's house
Gandhi's bedroom
Gandhi's bedroom
roc6 in beautiful gardens
roc6 in beautiful gardens

The taxi experience in India and the Beauty

I cannot honestly say that I was totally enthralled with India on first impressions. We got a taxi, what a long story that was, then as we got out the gates of the port, of my goodness all these dear little children most of them mutilated to gain sympathy for begging. Yes the imperfections of India on my first visit, then the taxi that was this antique car I had personally never seen in my life. The taxi driver would put the car in neutral and switch off the ignition, as we would go down a hill. It is something I have never forgotten; I guess he was saving fuel, wise man or not?

He the taxi driver, bless him took us, proudly to what he said was the downtown beach. I must admit I was pretty horrified coming from beautiful Cape Town and our stunning beaches, not quite what I expected people washing on the beach, not our pristine beaches. But now I realize that it was just in its totally natural state, the way life is, we are all from very different cultures, and with different views on the way life goes. I just loved the beautiful park, and being privileged to see Gandhi’s house and even his bedroom, see pictures.

Another aspect of life I encountered was the public laundry, this huge area of Bombay/Mumbai, totally fascinating for me, not sure why, you have to see it to believe it.

The south of India is so beautiful and green, with lots of sacred cows about in the middle of the road sometimes.

I personally love all Indian clothes, the vibrant colors, not the sari for myself, but I can appreciate the beauty of a sari. As a teenager we always had Indian market like shops, with all these beautiful skirts, tops and jewelry, a pity not so many around.

South Africa has the biggest Indian population out of India, mainly around Durban and the surrounding South Coast. I trained and worked at the Wild Coast Sun as a casino Croupier, so our clientele were mainly Indians from Durban and the surrounding areas. My first two cars I purchased off one of the Indian car salesmen guys. Little did I know that I would ever get to India in those days?

My second time in India, the end of the 90’s, I was coming from Singapore on the Marco Polo, we were in port of Mumbai for several days. I really wanted to go see the Taj Mahal, but alas to my dismay we never managed to get there. I also got to see a very unpleasant site in India, the seedier side of Mumbai, I won’t mention the name but our taxi driver for some unknown reason insisted on taking us down the congested road. It took forever to get out of there with all those ghastly fumes and germs abounding. I got very sick afterwards, whether from the visions I seen in this road or what I imagined. It took me a while to recover from this. The mind is quite powerful and I have a very vivid imagination, quite scary sometimes.

I am looking forward to going back to India and doing the North, very curious about New Delhi and of course still got

Travel In India

India and Philosophy

Strangely enough, now after all these years I started 2 years ago to collect or buy a lot of books for some unknown reason. The books ranged from the Hare Krishna ones, I kept that did not read them for a while, I just knew I had to buy them.

I later joined a group of Philosophy, which mainly covered eastern Philosophy, so all the books started to make sense. I am still drawn to certain books currently it seems to be to Swami Sivananda. I love his children’s book with all the fables and the daily readings one. Now I have been introduced to Yoga Nidra, also by Sarawati, all seems to link up strangely enough.

I also started a few years back with a little book Seeds of Light by Swami Sivananda Radha, with all these wonderful verses in for women.

I have a few books of the Gita, I read a chapter of The Geeta by Shree Purohit Swami to my parrot and me everyday. The parrot Syddie seems to love it, since the beginning, he probably can sense that it resonates with me.

Video on Sivananda

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