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Updated on May 9, 2010

Sao Paulo Photos

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Here am I once again and, this time I would like to share with you a little of my birth city, common known as Sao Paulo, one of the world's largest and richest cities.

Why do I want to talk about my city? What do you know about Sao Paulo, about Brazil? South America?

Well, after living in America for over 13 years, I have come to find out that a lot of people from this great country lack of accurate information when comes to know other countries around the world and, Brazil is no different, so, have I said that, I felt compelled to share with you my readers and followers, some facts of city and country where I was born.

Facts About Brazil:

Fact #1 - Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese. Have said that, Brazilians are the only people who are not from Spanish heritage, meaning that, we are not Hispanic, which is contrary to what most people in US have come to believe.

Fact#2 - Brazil is a immigrant country as US is, our country have immigrants from all over the world, the country has always welcomed immigrants and it still does, up to this day.

Fact#3 - Brazil is the fifth largest country of the world, it measures 8,511,960 sq km, which translated in 5,289,086.7334765 miles.

Fact#4 - Brazilians are hard working people but, we also enjoy having fun, so, the country pretty much stops every year for the traditional Carnival that is held in February throughout the country.

Fact#5 - Brazil has the world three largest immigration of Italians, Japaneses and Germans. The southern region of Brazil is predominantly colonized by the Germans and Italians, in fact, the southern three states are pretty much divided among them.

Fact#6 - Brazil is the land of the soccer. The country holds 5 world titles in the international soccer championship.

Fact#7 - For the past 4 years and for years to come, Brazil is and will continue to be the best country to invest your money in.

Fact#8 - Brazilian's job market generated 1 million jobs in 2009 and it is expected to generate another 1.6 million new jobs in 2010, according to Forbes magazine, April 2010.

Fact#9 - Brazil is fatest developing country to soon become a 1st world country, according to Times magazine - May 10, 2010.

Fact#10 - Brazil currently is top 10 world largest economy and soon to become the fifth world economy, also according to Times and Forbes magazine.

Fact#11 - Brazil has one of the world most secure and advance banking technology and system in place.  

Well, I will stop here, if anyone else would like to know more about Brazil's culture, lifestyle, cost of living, best places to live, investment, and so on, please, drop me a line.

Now let me talk about the city where I was born, Sao Paulo.

Facts About Sao Paulo

- The State and Capital are both named Sao Paulo. The state is one of the largest states of the nation with a population of 20 million people just in the metro area.

- Sao Paulo city has a population of around 11 million people.

- Sao Paulo city is the home of the world's largest Japanese immigration population. The Japanese colony lives in the heart of the city in a neighborhood called "Liberdade" meaning "Freedom".

- The city also has also a diverse mixture of European and Middle Eastern people.

- Sao Paulo city is commonly known as New York sister city, they both hold direct flights 24/7 and they are both known as the cities that never sleep.

Well, I hope that I have provided some unique information about Brazil and Sao Paulo, honestly, there's a lot more to know about the country as a whole but, I will stop here.

If anyone has plans to visit Brazil for fun or business, please, drop me a line, I might be able to help in some way.




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