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UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in Delhi during your India Trip

Updated on July 21, 2017
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Being an enthusiastic traveler, blogger, writer and art lover, the author wants to share her useful travel experiences with the readers.

Situated on the banks of the River Yamuna, Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Known to exist since the 6th century, the capital city of India is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the nation. The world heritage sites, the shopping streets running since generations and the famous restaurants make this city a favorite tourist destination for the Wanderers. Delhi exhibits a perfect blend of Indian cultures and modernism. People from all the regions of India inhibit here making it a culturally rich city.

Delhi has experienced the fall and rise of many Dynasties from generation to generation. Among these, the Mughal Emperors had a keen interest to boast the pomp and splendor of their culture in the form of architectural marvels. These rulers were the ones who appreciated the beauty of art and its’ marvels. These majestic monuments have developed a place in every tourist’s heart, making Delhi one of the most visited places in India.

Delhi has two parts which are famous in their own way. The massive Red Fort built by the great Emperor Shahjehan circumscribes the Old Delhi. The charisma and the beauty of Old Delhi lie in the small lane streets which have the best and the world famous shops and restaurants which are successfully satisfying the tourists from many generations. The Paratha Shop in the renowned Paratha Gali of Delhi has satisfied the cravings of the food junkies since last five generations and serve a myriad of 25 varieties of delicious parathas (flat bread) to the food explorers.

Delhi is famous for various reasons; however, the world heritage sites grab the attention of most of the tourists. With every rise of the new empire, emerged a marvelous monument grabbing the attention of locals as well as international tourists.

These are the world heritage monuments which will enthrall you with their unique and breathtaking architecture:-

1. The Qutub Minar - representing the Islamic culture

The UNESCO World Heritage site which has the potential to leave you awestruck with the architectural excellence lies in the southern part of Delhi. One thing which attracts the tourist is the difference in the architecture of the floors since it was built by different emperors. Initiated by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak, the minor initially had built 2 floors; later Iltutmish gave the completing edge to the Minar making it to a massive 5 storied monument. The height of the Minar is 72.5 meters with the diameter of 14.35 meters, which decreases to 2.75 meters as you reach the top. The Minar premises will grab your interests with the remains of other historical complexes; among these are the Alai Darwaza Gate, the Qubbat-ul-Islam Mosque, which is the oldest existing mosque in India, the tomb of Iltumish, and an Iron Pillar. So don’t forget to add this massive and majestic complex on your bucket list.

2. The Red Fort - the symbol of patriotism
A perfect blend of Indian, Persian and Timurid architectural patterns, this fort was built by the 5th Emperor Shahjahan as the majestic capital of his Kingdom Shahjahanabad. Tourists will be stunned with this massive architecture whose outer walls, cover a spacious area of 656 meters x 328 meters with the height of 23 meters. The palace behind the hall of the Public audience (Diwan-e-Aam) consists of beautifully engraved marble palace pavilions also forming a chain of the network with the pristine water channels known as the Nehru-I-Behishit which literally means the “Stream of Paradise”. So it’s a visit place to feel the sense of patriotism and witness the culture marvel of the city.

3. The Humayun’s Tomb - an explicit heritage with natural beauty
Built by the emperor’s grieving widow, the Mughals built a majestic tomb with a myriad of pristine natural beauty. This is the first mature, complex built by the Mughals centered on the beautiful water fountains and a majestic lush green garden. Built with artistic innovations, this marvel will leave you awestruck with the greatest and the impeccable natural beauty.

So, all the tourist enthusiasts and all the historians, hold your breath and visit the city of beauty and historic world heritage sites engraved with a remarkable history in the capital of India.

© 2017 Christina Wunch


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