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Updated on August 15, 2011

Exploring the Beauty of Canary Islands

A trip to Canary Islands is simply a wish of millions. It is just a dream spot to spend vacations. The main advantage of visiting Canary Islands is that your trip can be planned almost at any time during the year because the climate there is pretty much predictable. So the main consideration from your side would be the time allowance and your budget. If you are visiting Canary Islands for the first time and plan to visit multiple islands then land at one spot and depart from there. Get the cheapest flight reservations to any one of the islands and from there onwards ferries can be taken to visit the other beautiful islands.

If you choose to go for a travel package then mostly they have flight airfare, hotel accommodations, and the ground transportation taken care of. These three common things should be there in a travel package and try to find it on a bargain rate. Recently I was going through a few travel packages at Kayak and Travelocity; have a look, I think you will like the rates. Searching well for travel packages would surely get you something affordable and reasonable.

All of the Canary Islands have airports on them but only La Palma, Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Gran Canaria are the ones that accommodate international flights. You can enter Canary Islands flying from and to any one of these islands. The two local airlines of Canary Islands are the Islas Airways and Binter Canarias. They would charge you the same price as the ferries would in order to travel to the other islands. I would say that you will pay around €60 per adult for a single trip. Acciona Trasmediterranea, Fred Olsen, and Naviera Armas are the three common ferry operators you will find there.

Lanzarote is the island where you should start your journey from and end it there as well. It is the most northeastern island. The beach resorts found on Canary Islands are simply irresistible and the natural beauty of this place cannot be explained. You can enjoy several activities such as hiking, forest walks, architectural tours, exploring volcano crater, captivating sand dunes, and enjoying the stunning beaches of course. The tropical forests of Canary Islands are highly attractive and their beauty is never ending. Vacations spent on these islands would have an ever lasting memory in your mind and you will always desire to visit one more time.

Philippines - Places You Must Not Skip Visiting

Within South Asia, there are many countries you would find interesting and eye catching, philippines is one out of the lot. This place is surely a remarkable place and recreation of nature which is why all of the tourists and visitors love coming here all the time and finding it as updated and consistently evolving. During the vacations and holiday season, this place is full of people who want to adore and appreciate the islands and find out the deals and services that Philippines have added on the bar. There are so many places in Philippines that you must not skip visiting because then you won’t only have an incomplete trip but you would also be unable to make the most of its beauty and natural elegance.

Manila is the capital place of Philippines and it would not be possible for you to miss out on this one since it has a lot to offer you as a tourist. Within Philippines, this is the most developed, modernized and urban touched place one would ever find because the rest of this place is enriched with the historic recombination of the culture. This city is considered to be the center of all the commercial and business activities which is why it has a lot to offer to its visitors. Intramuros is a place that is attractive for people coming from different parts of the world because it is a walled city that was built during the war times of Philippines with the Spaniards. There is a historical notion and museum on this place that exists now where most of the filed trip and history expeditions are held out. There is also a national park which is known as Rizal national park named after Dr. Jose Rizal; if you want to have a quiet weekend or an evening free of all the night life and partying, you can come here and get the best out of it. Usually it is crowded on the weekends and families like to come out with their children and other relatives to have a good relaxing time.

Baguio city is one of those places you must not skip visiting Philippines. The weather is pretty cold as compared to the other parts of the islands but it makes it even interesting and appealing. There is a parade of flowers held every year during the spring season that you cannot miss out on if you are visiting during the winters or by the starting time of spring. Tagaytay city of Philippines shouldn’t be skipped out from visiting as well.

Having Some Great Time on Australian Beaches

When we talk about some of the most wonderful beaches on the planet; Australia is the country that truly has some to offer. You can have some good time at those white sandy beaches that would let you swim, surf, and do snorkeling at the Great Barrier, in short, there are beaches suiting everyone’s mood in Australia.

Queensland has one of the most fantastic beaches of Australia known as Gold Coast. You will see that even Americans are going crazy and several are found on the Gold Coast. When the peak season is going on, it is hard to get any holiday apartments but these apartments provide the best beach view and action getting you close to it. You will be amazed that in the year of 2009 and 2008, around 10 million people came to enjoy the beach of Gold Coast. They enjoyed various water sports, did parasailing, and worshipped the sun a little as well.

Queensland yet offers another great beach known as Noosa. March is the month every year when almost all the surfers hit towards Noosa. Over here as well, you might not find any accommodation however holiday rentals are still the best way to enjoy this beach and make your holidays unforgettable. Because of being one of those few beaches that face toward the north; even besides surfing in March, Noosa has a lot going on all round the year and you can still enjoy several things in every month. Alexandria beach would be a great attraction too and you do not have to wear clothes if you don’t feel like it!

Okay so don’t be surprised but yet another beach of Queensland is Port Douglas. The same problem would be faced here as well; no accommodation in the peak season. If you want to enjoy this beach then make some early reservations. There are a number of reasons why you should visit the beach of Port Douglas; the Great Barrier Reef is present here naturally, not to mention but surfing as well, and lastly you get to drive those on shore 4 wheelers too. Sun bathing can be done here anytime of the year.

Lastly, Byron Bay beach located in New South Wales cannot be missed either. The holiday homes located on the edge of this beach are simply everyone’s dream. If you cannot own one then at least rent out one for this vacation and make this memories last forever. There are plenty of activities and action at Byron Bay that you and your family would simply love.

Ireland - Some Well Renowned Attractions

Ireland is a place in this world which is famous for its tourist attractions for some many different reasons. If you want to take out some time from your busy schedule and visit somewhere nice and pleasant, you should opt for Ireland. Here are some well renowned attractions you would find in Ireland that are worthwhile and really valuable paying a visit to.

If you are going to the southern part of Ireland, you should pay a visit to county Kerry because its amazing beauty is going to attract you for sure. The luscious green sites with pleasant blue skies, and lively villages and town houses in this area are going to wipe your stress and strain away. People here are really friendly and you will not feel away from being home at all; you would in fact want to get yourself engaged in mesmerizing Ring of Kerry. This is a place where a huge number of guests and tourists come from all around the globe and you would find it quite indulging yourself. The cliffs of Moher are going to leave you stunned with amazement for the mountain range stretches across the field for about 8km in length rising to about 214km above from the surface of the earth. They have kept all the interesting facts piled up and arranged for you at the Atlantic edge that is the newest visitor experience you could go to.

The burren is a landscape feature which is a center of attention for many geologists, biologists and botanists because of the most unique limestone arrangement that is found over there. Kilferona is another place just about these plateaus you could go next to where you would easily find The Burren center; it acts as an entrance to the immense mountain ranges. You can have this trip planned for a considerable time period and save up time to explore the true beauty.

The Giants causeway is more of the northern part of Ireland. This natural conservation place is one of the places you would never get to see because of being the renowned basalt formation site.

If you like going shopping, you could take a tour to Sligo town because there are many retail outlets that have been introduced to the region over the last few years. Most of the famous shopping centers are located in this county so you cannot miss this one at all.

Tanzania – What Makes This Place So Much Attractive?

When we talk about a land that is widely spread over 954,087 sq km, and is at the extreme geographically; Tanzania is the place that is being discussed. The main reason behind this is Tanzania hosting the highest peak of Africa that is the mighty Kilimanjaro and also the lowest point of the continent too; lake bed of Tanganyika. This nation has a large portion of Lake Victoria in it as well which gets counted as the largest lake on Africa. Tanzania is the place that will provide you with unending adventures. It is one of those regions that are full of resources in the world.

Not only Tanzania has to offer its high attraction of natural beauty but all the fun and action you can think of as well. This home of Mount Kilimanjaro is also the home of wildlife; antelope, chimpanzee, hippo, buffalo, elephant, zebra, gazelle, and wildebeest can be found roaming commonly in the forests. Tanzania is nothing less then a gem that you should explore.

The tallest free standing mountain of the world; Mount Kilimanjaro should be must visited otherwise your trip to Tanzania would not be complete. You will be surprised that the peak of this mountain stands high in the sky 20,000 feet tall. You will never forget the hiking experience if you do it on this one. Not everyone succeed in reaching the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro therefore you need to in shape and patient. Make sure that you dress up properly in order to be a part of those 50 percent people who reach to the top. Along with proper clothing, you will a lot of water as well. Whether you complete your hike here or not or just spend a day on the trails of this Mount Kilimanjaro National Park; consider yourself on the roof of Africa.

Moving on the plains from the mountains, your vacations would still not feel complete without visiting the Serengeti National Park as well. You will see that in the last two months every year, zebra and wildebeest can be seen on the plains feeding for the coming summers. In the month of April, a massive migration can be seen; literally millions of wildebeest and zebras would be going home towards north.

There are lots of more places that make Tanzania so attractive and worth visiting. Once you enter this region of Africa; you will not leave before a month.


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