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Worthless U.N. Troops in Kenya

Updated on August 15, 2016

It has happened again. Yet, another reason why the United Nations is worthless as a military force. So disgusting was the July 11th rampage after Juba was liberated of rebels, it boggles the mind. It is a clear signal why foreigners should beware, especially Americans.

The rebels had controlled the town\city of Juba for some time and the battle with South Sudanese troops proved too much for them. The Sudanese troops were first viewed as heroes by liberating the area of rebels. These troops were not part of the U.N. peacekeeping force, however. The brief time of liberation quickly turned into a rampage of anger and lust towards mainly Americans at the Terrain Hotel and other foreigner areas.

Most Americans there were from agencies helping the people, Juba is not exactly a tourist destination. When the Sudanese troops turned their liberation into horror, the brunt fell on Americans. The American and women (and others) present were seized and brutally ganged raped by as many as 20 men who just wanted to unload, to vent, hatred of Americans. One witness said an American teen was given a choice, to either get fucked by 20 men in front of others or a bullet to the head. She just laid down and closed her eyes. The American men (and others) who disclosed their nationality (thinking it was good thing) were severely beaten and some raped in public. The Sudanese soldiers pillaged the hotel and most of Juba.

The rape and pillage when on for four hours. The Sudanese soldiers seemed to be in a zombie-like state, just ravaging foreigners when encountered, according to some accounts. Maybe they were high on drugs.

When the assault on the hotel began, texts and calls were sent to the nearby U.N military base housing an Ethiopian battalion, plus Chinese troops. The American Embassy was contacted about the situation and the SOS was out. In fact, within 30 minutes of the rampage beginning, foreigners in the hotel had notified both, as the record shows, and their screams for help received. Yet, nothing happened. There was no U.N. force willing to rescue them. In fact, the Ethiopian force that was ordered to rescue, refused to go, fearing their own safety. The Chinese troops followed suit.

This is not the first time, nor the last, that neither the U.S. Embassy or U.N. peacekeeping force failed to protect foreigners or locals from fighting.


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