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Top 10 Must Do Activities in Wyoming

Updated on July 2, 2009


It’s time to plan your family vacation, and you want to do something different…something that screams adventure and discovery. After all, going to the beach is great, but what about going somewhere and doing something remarkable and awesomely unforgettable. Perhaps, you are looking for somewhere known for its wide-open spaces, gorgeous scenery, history and small town atmosphere—even in their biggest cities. One such place is the American West. If you are looking for excitement and exploration opportunities, why not plan a trip out west and see the impressive sights to be had by taking part Wyoming tourism. To help you get started on planning for your western adventure, here is a top 10 list of Wyoming’s wonders.

  1. Devils Tower (Sundance) – This renowned attraction offers rock climbing, interpretive exhibits, and hiking trails. The almost vertical monolith towers 1,267 feet above the Belle Fourch River, and is America’s first national monument.
  2. Go fishing- If angling is your passion, then Wyoming offers hours of pleasure. You can fish for walleye, catfish, bass and pike at Keyhole Reservoir (Sundance), Glendo Reservoir or Seminoe State Park, which offers 12 miles of fishing known as “Miracle Mile”.
  3. The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (Caspar) offers you the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles of the Native Americans and those who immigrated to the Caspar area during the days of the pioneers. Nearby is Caspar Mountain with its biking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.
  4. Mountain Memories at Turtle Rock Ranch (Glenrock) - From sleigh rides to horse drawn wagons or buggies to cross-country skiing and hiking, be sure to visit here to get a glimpse of life in bygone days. There are also knowledgeable tour guides, ranch tours and animals.
  5. Spend a few days in Cheyenne. You will find the Frontier Days Old West Museum and the Cheyenne Depot to be “the place” to learn about the Old West. As you visit the city, be sure to take a walking tour and visit the Wyoming State Capital with its historic murals and exhibits.
  6. If you are in Wyoming during the winter, be sure to go on a snowmobiling tour. The state’s gorgeous scenery is even more enticing when you see it topped with sparkling snow.
  7. The Grand Tetons- No trip to Wyoming would be complete without time spent in this phenomenal region! From its beautiful 12,000-foot peaks to the rolling valleys and impressive Jackson Hole Resort, you will be sure to take numerous photos and make many memories.
  8. Yellowstone National Park (Cody)-Like the Grand Tetons, this is a must-see location! You will see majestic scenery dotted with bison, wolves, elk and other impressive wildlife, You can take guided hiking tours, sleep under the stars and so much more. As one of the America’s most well known parks, Yellowstone offers a wide variety of activities sure to be a boon to any vacation.
  9. Take a trip on the Green River- Enjoy the breathtaking sites as you canoe and kayak this winding waterway. There is also fishing, waterfowl watching, and numerous guide services happy to aid in helping you make the most of this magnificent river.
  10. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center- Get up close and personal with the dinos, go on an archeological dig, and see fossils. You can learn all about life in the days of the dinosaur from the exhibits and displays as well as talk to the knowledgeable guides who work here.

Wyoming is where the Old West and the “New West” collide. You can spend the day seeing how people lived in bygone years and then spend the evening watching performing arts and dining in comfort. It is a state of historical locations, impressive vistas, small towns and big city fun. So, come see Wyoming and find out what you are missing!


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    • profile image

      JSlagell 8 years ago

      Glad to help-your Wyoming trip sounds like it was a blast.

    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 8 years ago from SE US

      Great info and well written. Thanks for the ideas. I'm backlinking this to my hub on the Wyoming Cattle Drive, hope you don't mind. I'd love to go back and spend a month, seeing everything...