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Yeti Vacuum Insulated Tumblers Buying Guide

Updated on September 16, 2016

Yeti Cozies, Tumblers and Bottles: Worth the Price?

If you haven't used any tumbler or bottle products by Yeti yet they are worth checking out. Yeti has a line of vacuum insulated bottles and cups that take the hot and cold beverage experience very seriously. They are definitely high performing drink ware, but is it worth the price?

For a little bit of an investment you get a stainless steel tumbler or bottle designed to keep your beverages at the desired temperature without subjecting your drinking hand to those temperatures. Vacuum insulated technology is nothing new but incorporating it into easy to clean use tumblers is where Yeti is redefining what we should expect from our day to day drink ware.

Man sits on a Yeti cooler, pretends to fish.
Man sits on a Yeti cooler, pretends to fish. | Source

Yeti Was The Fancy Cooler Company

You might remember Yeti by the high quality coolers they make. Yeti coolers are expensive but super durable and embarrass the competition's performance. The company was founded by two brothers who knew they could make a better cooler than what was out there. They formed their company only around the beverage cooler niche until now.

It seems they have taken the same idea towards how people should be drinking their beverages: over engineering the hell out of it, slapping on a seemingly hefty price tag and producing a high quality product. The result is a more expensive product than you would expect for a mere tumbler or cozy....if only these were mere tumblers and cozies.

Hot water for tea on a cold day in a Yeti tumbler.
Hot water for tea on a cold day in a Yeti tumbler. | Source

Yeti Rambler Tumblers

When Yeti introduced their Rambler line it was the tumblers that really stood out. These vacuum insulated tumblers come in three different sizes and are a pretty unique product on the market. They're made out of ridiculously durable stainless steel, designed to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold and can go straight into the dishwasher.

As with any quality product, if you are willing to pay for a reliable solution to an every day problem, look at how the outdoor enthusiasts have solved it. For someone who takes a couple hours to drink their coffee in the morning or someone who enjoys putting ice in their cup and actually having it last, the tumblers are the way to go. The ease of use but lack of a spill-proof lid make these ideal for backyard get-togethers, commutes, or the super casual camping trip.

Yeti Drink Ware Cost Comparison

Best Use
Large Bottle
64 oz
Beer Growler
Medium Bottle
36 oz
Cold Water for Hiking
Small Bottle
18 oz
Personal Travel Drink
Large Tumbler
30 oz
Iced Drinks for Home/Car
Medium Tumbler
20 oz
Hot/Cold Drinks for Home/Car
12 oz
Beer Can or Bottle at a Party You're Too Cool For
Yeti's popular products, their best uses and cost comparisons.

Yeti Colsters

Yeti's most popular product is their Rambler Colster. This is a beer cozy that is not even in the same category as the cheap neoprene cozies that basically only succeed in keeping condensation rings off your patio furniture. The Colster is a vacuum insulated (of course) stainless steel cozy that secures your beer or soda can into place with a screw on ring. Watch the video below to get the full effect.

Is it socially acceptable to bring your own Yeti Colster to a gathering where your hosts are sadly lacking in savvy outdoor gear so you can benefit from a warm hand and cold beer while humbly gloating to guests about the stellar cozy you brought? Yes, yes it is.

How to Use a Yeti Colster

Off brand handle designed for the 30 oz Yeti tumbler.
Off brand handle designed for the 30 oz Yeti tumbler. | Source

More Yeti Accessories

The biggest drawback to the tumbler is that you can't throw it in your bag and if you knock it over it's, well, over. Companies outside of Yeti have been developing lids for Yeti tumblers that slide closed when you're not drinking. They come in a variety of prices of course with varying quality but it's hard to find any that truly make the drink water tight. It still shouldn't be trusted enough to throw in a bag like you would with a good water bottle.

Another issue with the tumbler is the 30 ounce size is pretty hefty and top heavy so it can be cumbersome to hold. They do still fit in a standard cup holder, which is genius, but it does leave some portability to be desired. To help out with this issue there are handles available that slip on the cup, or some with a carabiner to secure it to a bag. There are also a few great tutorials online showing how people have made their own handles with parachute cord and rubber bands.

Give Yeti Tumblers as Gifts

Even if Yeti cups and cozies aren't your thing, or you have too much to justify another, don't forget about them for unique gifts. The Yeti tumblers make awesome gifts for so many situations because they capture the unique cross between luxury and practicality. Do you need a super cup that keeps your iced tea actually iced for hours at the backyard barbecue? Of course not. But if the technology is there, why not use it?

A couple Colsters are a great idea for any beer aficionado in the family. And you can't go wrong with a tumbler for someone you don't know too well. The cup is so durable and universal you know they will get some quality use out of it and constantly be reminded of how awesome of a gift giver you are every time they pull it out. Add a drink mix with a nifty straw to give the stainless steel a personal touch. Christmas: done.

Your Yeti Experience

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