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You Won’t Be Eaten By Wild Reptiles

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

People like to travel. They like to see how other people live and what exciting sites their countries possess. Australians are not different. There are many good reasons for Australians to travel to Germany and one of the best is that they will not be at risk of being eaten by crocodiles or bitten by poisonous snakes or other dangerous creatures inhabiting their homeland.

This may make Germany a boring country for Australians to travel to but Germany features more than make up for this lack of extreme wildlife interaction. Here are other reasons why Australians should visit Germany:

#1. Oktoberfest—

Most Australians like to drink and they like to drink long and hard, Oktoberfest allows them to keep up their after-hours hobby. With hundreds of beer halls and beers to try a hearty Australian drinker will have found his or her paradise.

#2. Snow Sports—

The Alps provide great winter activities that would thrill an Australian. From cross country skiing to downhill skiing to snowboarding there is a winter sport that would satisfy an Australians thirst for excitement.

#3. Low Crime Rate—

Germany is a very safe country and for any Australian wanting his family to be safe this is the country to go to. The Australian parent can enjoy themselves knowing that their loved ones are not at great risk. The German people generally are a very friendly sort and are willing to help out a stranger in trouble.

#4. The Autobahn—

This is a road that will test the courage of any hearty Australian. With no speed limits, the sky is the limit on how fast you can go. The autobahn is only for the brave of heart which fits the Australian nature to a T.

#5. The Black Forest—

Hike without fear. The hiker may experience a deer or two or maybe even a black or brown bear but none of the animals found in the Black Forest are a match for the toughened Australian tourist who grew up fighting avoiding dangerous reptiles. A hike in the Black Forest for the Australian would be safer than walking downtown Sydney.

#6. History—

Germany is a history filled country and not just from the 2 world wars its former leaders started. Germany’s history extends way back into ancient times beyond the Roman Empire. For those tourists that want a more sedate vacation Germany offers many museums depicting its past for all who are interested.

Some final words

Traveling to Germany is not difficult and the country offers something for every traveler. One just has to do a little research to find out which spots are best for them.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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