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Your Quick Travel Guide to Bath, UK

Updated on September 25, 2014

Bath has a very long history. In fact, its history is so interesting that it is a World Heritage Site. The city has long been a mecca for those seeking healing in the abundant natural hot springs. The Romans first made regular use of the springs and built structures around them to make public bathing a luxurious indulgence for the Roman elite. People come from all over the world to completely unwind and detox. Forget about the modern world and daily stressors as you finally find true release from all things taxing.

Where to stay:

So what did the Duke of Wellington do after kicking Napoleon's butt at Waterloo? He built the elegant Apsley House. The Apsley House Hotel is number one in Bath and it's easy to see why. Not only are the period attributes retained, but the gardens are well-kept and the rooms are lavish. So lavish that it may be hard to leave. In fact, room service may be the solution here, as the royal accommodations almost require hand and foot service to match.

Mix rest with bliss at the Tasburgh House. The spa is matched only by the plush beds, the tasteful d├ęcor, and the light colors all around. Is this heaven? It's possible my friend, very possible. You are taken care of here and the hotel owner spared little expense in ensuring the guests are thoroughly pleased. Be could get used to this.

Where to eat:

Sotto Sotto is a great Italian experience. Flaming cocktails set the stage for what's to come. Start off with some classic bruschetta, then dive into intricately prepared mains. From lamb to chicken with ham, you have plenty to choose from, if you can even make a decision. Mmmm.....

Menu Gordon Jones looks pretty intense. I in your food? Well why not? I would swear this place was an art museum of it weren't for the luring aroma of decadent dining all around. Beauty merges with the pallet to throw the diner into a riptide of rapture. Check it out for yourself. You deserve a treat.

Where to drink:

This is probably not what you came for. But have you ever partied it up after completely relaxing and having a clean slate, as it were, worry-free? Somehow I doubt it considering what modern life puts on you. If you're up for a night out, check out The King William. Great food, wine and brew spilleth over here and the atmosphere is chill.

If you're looking for something not so chill, Burdall's Yard is the city's place for the intellectual and eclectic.

Where to explore:

The Roman Baths should be your first stop! This museum shows you the origins of the baths that evolved into how we enjoy them today, complete with disturbing wax mannequins. Jane Austen themed events are big here, and Stonehenge isn't too far away. There are also so, so many spas and baths to indulge in. Whether you can to see the sites or soak away your stress, there is plenty here to fill up your trip.


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