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Your Quick Travel Guide to Nottingham, UK

Updated on September 25, 2014

I think most people know Nottingham's part in a little old legend called Robin Hood. Nottingham itself is quite the town. A short drive takes you to the notorious Sherwood Forest, the proclaimed hiding spot of Robin and his Merry Men. Also see underground tunnels from eras past, the castle and an old abbey.

Where to stay:

There are several chain hotels offering great rooms and a good price. I'm not going to list them here. You can find them here: It's my opinion that when staying somewhere in Europe, you can have a better experience staying somewhere that may have some history. It adds that little extra something to your visit. The Lindhum House is a pretty little guesthouse in a Victorian style structure. It may feel more like home than a chain hotel. Many of the other older hotels are probably not worth your time. Apparently people have had bad experiences. Some document these as nuisances non-neurotic people probably wouldn't even notice. Take that for what it's worth.

Where to eat:

If you don't have Robin Hood's lethal aim and fresh venison is not an option, you'll have to forage for food within the city's restaurants. The Madhatter Tearoom has some great tea...and brunch and lunch. What's more relaxing than hanging out and nibbling great food in a tea room? A week long spa vacation, yeah, but we're talking about food! There are a few of these tea rooms that are probably worth checking out. After noon, try a Mediterranean joint. Latino Restaurant (yes, it bears an unfortunate moniker) has divine dishes and servers who knows exactly what they are doing. It's in Beeson, so if you're staying a drive from there, take it easy on the brilliant red wine!

Where to drink:

The Revolution Vodka Bar is a nice place to hang out with friends for some mixed drinks. You can also get a little munchies action when the craving hits. Usually the food is pretty good but some people have complained. After you're done there, check out the Edgar Allen Poe themed Pit and Pendulum. They even have a pendulum! It feels a good bit like a dungeon with great service. The drinks here are supposed to be good but food complaints abound. It's not really the food so much as the pace with which it reaches your table. Hopefully you had a filling meal and such things won't concern you.

Where to explore:

Check out the Nottingham Castle first. Sadly you won't see the Robin Hood era castle, nor the one that followed. The castle is very different than its prior incarnations but no less interesting. Next, explore Sherwood Forest in all its green splendor. A trail will lead you to the Major Oak which is supposedly where Robin Hood and crew hid from the Sheriff of Nottingham. The tree obviously wasn't big enough back then, but sometimes myth is better than fact.

Also see the Galleries of Justice Museum and Newstead Abbey. Once the day wears on, check out the City of Caves. Save 25% if you also buy the Galleries of Justice tickets. The caves show how some people lived in Nottingham. Not everyone awoke each morning to sun through their windows.


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