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Zarzuela A fall in Majorca

Updated on October 30, 2011

As the sun rises, I'm in an Arabian garden under the palms of Mallorca to look at the many planes. Musing, is this progress, and how would the Arabs against the many hotels now look?

Would they run away screaming from this earthly paradise And what will happen to Mallorca in the future, with a water shortage, clearly visible? Can it keep its nature and habits. The local population seems to be nothing to attract tourists, and keeps his calm. Or is this false?
Certainly, also the bath, that this island has Arabic influences. And who are still more traces?, Romans, Greeks and Arabs? A first indication of this I find in a book by Fernand Braudel. Indeed they were there. And the Mediterranean, was nothing but an exchange of trade, culture, ingredients and raw materials. That triggers me. What are the roots of this island? I think you can taste it on this island.

Every day is a delight of colors and scents. The oranges, orange and yellow rays you meet, and the tomatoes are bright red. Spain is one of the largest orange exporters in the world, like you I know. In between silver gray olive trees in abundance. A taste of the olives, rather bitter haha. And the Arabs they knew the wonderful effects of olive oil. Mmm, still searching. And guess what .. they were wonderful from the irrigation well aware of this. So it was not a backward religion, known as a Dutch politician may say. This is reflected in the writings of Ramon Llull, a famous scholar from the 14th century, Mallorca or Majorca born. With rational Christian mysticism, he was strongly influenced by Islam. In Palma, and other Spanish cities such as Cordoba and Granada, lived Christians, Arabs and Jews peacefully together. The Arroz (rice), sampled in the Cura Santuari coil star is inviting after a hot autumn day.

And of course, the tasting will continue with the ordering of a particularly delicious quiche of spinach and couscous. The chicken salad the next day is not to be despised. I see her Persian influences? Surprisingly, I had not thought of. I'm at square one with my companion between the Spaniards. I try to order the dishes from the Spanish my trip to Santiago to pick up. Is not easy, unfortunately haha. I will read it even easier than speaking.

Even my companion thoroughly enjoy the food. And the climax comes the next day: Zarzuela. Pure fish, cooked with lots of side dishes and tapas. Anyone who says different cultures is retarded, I have never had this fish in his mouth. Where was the fish symbol in Christianity? Was it baptism? In the waters of the Mediterranean, given the pollution is not recommended dipping. Better in other places I think. Or in the Baltic Sea in the future? And we go skiing in the Caucasus in the future? Previously there was snow on the mountains of Majorca, now there is no white in sight. Anyway, this area continues with its exceptional natural beauty. Tentative. And the food tastes delicious. I'm curious about the next surprise. For now we enjoy the beautiful weather. Good health and fish go well together. Just like us.

October 2011


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    • profile image

      Alfons Wiggers 

      7 years ago

      There are different connections between the people and food in this article. What would change this? I think it is not so easy to change. As i travelled there it was very touristic I think


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