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BARA BAGH-Tombs for ladies who burnt themselves

Updated on September 15, 2009
 Distant view of Bara bagh-Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Distant view of Bara bagh-Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  Nearer view of Bara bagh,Jaisalmer.Hundreds of tombs are seen.
Nearer view of Bara bagh,Jaisalmer.Hundreds of tombs are seen.
 CLOSER VIEW OF JOUHAR TOMBS,BARA BAGH, JAISALMER.(observe the artistic features.Observe closely the tomb behind the visitors has a rounded central platform on which a stone is standing.)
CLOSER VIEW OF JOUHAR TOMBS,BARA BAGH, JAISALMER.(observe the artistic features.Observe closely the tomb behind the visitors has a rounded central platform on which a stone is standing.)

Jouhar- a heroic custom

In the medieval period,when Muslim rule was forcefully spreading all over India, Indian natives had great struggle to save their culture, chastity, heritage and properties.The fear was more with indian ladies, who regarded their chastity more than their life.While men were out to fight against the invaders, women in the houses were praying for their win.In Rajasthan, there was a custom in which ladies of warriers were falling into burning fires as soon as they hear that their men were defeated in the battle field. So, they kept the burning fire ready.This custom was called -JOUHAR.

  Here an eye-witness acount of Tombs seen in  a Rajsthan tourist spot is given. Rajasthan tourism has made good arrangements to see these tombs.There are many packages to tour Rajsthan.-Rajasthan holidays,' 'Palace on wheels', 'Rajasthan travel packages ' are some such programmes.

     Jaisalmer is a small city situated in Thar desert, 600 away from Jaipur, and 300 away from Jodhpur.Large number of Jauhar tombs are found here.

Artistic tombs of jaisalmer

You can see tombs built in inspiring memorey of such heroic ladies who fell into fire, preferring death to loosing chastity.Indian ladies concidered that they should be devoted to their husbands only and nothing should come in the way of maintaining that ethics.Naturally, when their husbands die and they were on the verge of being caught by their enemies, they preferred death.They became idols to the next generation.In various parts of Rajasthan, beautiful tombs are built in their honour.You can see such tombs near jaipur, Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer, etc. But Jouhar tombs at Jaisalmer are very artistic than those in other places.


On the outskirts of Jaisalmer, presently a district headquarters and formerly a princely state of Rajasthan, is a sandy rocky area where these tombs are constructed.This place is called -'Bara Bagh' or-'Big Garden'.There is clear road to this spot. There is nothing of the garden sort. It is named so to indicate the abundance of what is there. And there is the abundance of-tombs!

structure of tombs.

Gere, some tombs are single, and some are in a continuous line.Some have artistic pillers,carvings, designs, and arches.At the centre of each tomb, is a small base to the goove of which astanding stone is fixed. This stone has the inscription on it and some picture is carved on it. The picture engraved usually shows a man on the horse or in standing posture, with his ladies.

Below that, there names are indicated in Rajasthani script.Guides are available.

A visit to this place with the knowldge of the custom invokes so many feelings in us.



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    • profile image

      Jonathan Morgan 

      7 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this hub. Helped me out alot:)

    • prasadjain profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Tumkur

      Intersted readers may visit this hub to know about another interesting tourist spot in Rajasthan-Bikaner

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Interesting article.Indian women were known for their dedicatedness to their husdbands, and sincearity. These tombs speak about those immortal heroines.


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