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A Europe Time Travel In Search of Great Minds_Leonardo de Vinci at Florence Italy

Updated on January 26, 2013

Leonardo de Vinci at Florence & Founders of Birmingham Lunar Society

This is a time travel journey to 2 historyland of Europe in search of Great Minds, . In this first part, our starting point is a small village near Florence, Italy where Leonardo de Vinci was born.

From there we will go straight to Birminham, England. That's part two of our journey.

In the second leg of this journey, we will visit the Lunar Society dinner club locations at Birmingham, England, where two notable founders of the Lunar Society were located, is still there.

The spirit of these great minds that inspired a number of founding fathers of America, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in particular, is remembered here in America and often a source of inspiration now as well.

Some of the Lunar Society members, such as James Watts changed America in the late 18th Century to 19th Century with his inventions as nothing before. It was a revolution without military war, at a tme the patriots were fighting the miiliary war, The Revolutionary War, against the English King.

America expanded rapidly westward from Atlantic to the Pacific with the coming of the Railroads in America.

"Geat minds' like Leonardo and James Watts, still inspire us on being innovative as they have left a spirit of invention that brought prosperity at the dawn of this nation.

Our search for the spirit of these great minds of Europe starts near a village in Florence, Italy, where Leonardo De Vinci was born.


Leonardo as a key agent of the Italian Renaissance, Prelude to Europe's Renaissance

Florence was the center of Italian Renaissance starting in the 13th century, about a century earlier, 3 generation earlier than arrival of Leonardo. Scholars today still are debating how this period of renewed interest in arts, science was revived in a way that brought prosperity and advancement of knowledge, emerging out of the age of darkness that had prevailed from the dying days of the so called classical age with decline and fall of the Roman Empire, five hundred years earlier.

Florence was a center of international trade and the rise of the banking family, House of Medici with a arts & medicine supportive patronage was a key element of triggering the birth and growth of the Renessancee, from Florence to other parts of Europe, particularly France in the early years of this rewakening.

Leonardo and other artists whom the rising power and influence of the House of Medici afforded no doubt was a catalytic element of the strengthening of the Italian and later European Renssaissance with renewed interest in the legacy of arts and medicine that propelled even faster when Leonardo with his individual genious arrived on the scene of Florence, the center of power and wealth of the House of Medici and the business that supported this wealth, House of Medici.

The man in charge of the House of Medici, Lawrence, gave patronage as it advanced his power and glory of his influence and power to do so. But the art & medicine supportive culture that had existed that shaped both Lawrence and the genious of Leonardo is rooted in Florence and tied solidly to the rising wealth and power of the House of Medici, for three generations earlier.

The inspiration that Leonardo left behind in both with his astounding artistic study of the human physioogy that inspired renssance medicine rooted in the legacy and heritage of the classical knowledge of Greeks and the Romans propelled the European Renassance as nothing before.

A TIME TRAVEL BACK TO Where Renaissance Got Started Big

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      imran-ligoy1 5 years ago

      thanks for information

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      EmmaLewis 5 years ago

      Europe is where people with great minds came from. From musicians to artists to philosophers, we can never deny the fact that these people, including no other than Leonardo da Vinci, influenced not just Europe but the whole world as well. When I visited Europe, I made sure to have this da Vinci poster printing which you cannot avail in other countries.

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      Fascinating! Blessed this lens!