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A Quick Guide to Klein Curaçao

Updated on November 23, 2019
Kimberly Martis profile image

Kimberly Martis is a Dutch Caribbean freelance writer. She writes about culture, beauty, tv-shows, music, movies, odd jobs, and fiction.

When you’re planning a vacation and you’re looking for sun, sea, nature, music, and food than Curaçao should be on the top of your list. This Caribbean island is great and has a lot to offer it's tourist. One of the more special things that it has to offer is Klein Curaçao. Klein Curaçao can literally be translated into Little Curaçao. And that is exactly what it is.

Klein Curaçao is a nice place to spend the day or a few hours. The island is small and quiet and offers you all you need to spend a full day relaxing. All while soaking up the sun and enjoying the sea. If you get bored easily you might want to reconsider going to Klein Curaçao. There are no shops, restaurants, theaters, monuments, houses or anything of that nature. Therefore you should be able to enjoy the beach on its own or entertain yourself.

The only significant things that the island has to offer are a firehouse and a shipwreck. And the firehouse is the main building on Klein Curaçao.

The shipwreck at Klein Curacao.
The shipwreck at Klein Curacao.


Klein Curaçao is a small uninhabited island in the Caribbean sea. It gets its name from its location as it is located on the south of the island of Curaçao. Besides that, it is also very small as the island is only 1.7km square foot big. Which truly makes it a little version of the island of Curaçao.

A sign on the island.
A sign on the island. | Source


Snorkeling and diving

The sea at Klein Curacao is lukewarm and clear blue. This makes it the perfect place to go snorkeling. Even if you’re not an experienced snorkeler. And with the water being clear blue it is easy to spot all the fish swimming in the sea. Besides fish, you will also be able to spot sea turtles when snorkeling. And of course, you will be able to see the sea coral. This is a great advantage of snorkeling at Klein Curacao. And even better yet is that the sea coral is pretty much intact. Besides snorkeling, you can also go diving on the island. All the advantages that you get while snorkeling you will also be able to enjoy while you're diving.


Grab your racket and shuttle and you’re ready to play a game of badminton under the sun.

Beach football

Bring your football and look for a quiet place to enjoy a game of beach football.


Pack your favorite book or your e-reader with you. Because this island is the perfect place to peacefully read and relax while soaking in the sun.


And if you’re not an active person or just want to relax you can also just lay on the beach and work on your tan.

Take a long walk

Take off your shoes and let place your feet in the sand as you enjoy a long walk on this beautiful beach.

One of the luxury boats at Klein Curacao.
One of the luxury boats at Klein Curacao. | Source


The only way to get to and from Klein Curaçao is by boat. You can take different boats to the island. Here are some of the type of boats that are offered during a boat tour:

  • luxury boat
  • speed boat
  • sailboat

Besides different boats to get to Klein Curaçao there are also different things that each boat tour offers. Some just offer transportation to the island. Others also offer food/snack and drinks during the boat ride. And others offer the full package including snacks/drinks on the boat, a cookout on the island and snorkeling equipment.


If you get seasick easily than you may want to reconsider visiting Klein Curaçao. As a boat trip is the only way to get to and from the island. Most of the visitors only get sick on the way to the island as the sea is more rough on the way there. On the way back most people don’t get seasick at all. Only the few who suffer from extreme seasickness. But if you can tame your seasickness with a pill I suggest you take one and enjoy the boat trip. And more importantly, enjoy Klein Curaçao.

© 2019 Kimberly Martis


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