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Abingdon Inns, Pubs and Lost Pubs

Updated on September 18, 2014

Abingdon Pubs and Inns

Ock Street alone, once had dozens of pubs now there are just three. Large families lived in small houses and men escaped to the pubs. There were once 60 pubs in Abingdon for a population of 5,000. There are now 17 for a population of 35,000. Many of the former pubs although converted into private dwellings are virtually unchanged. Pubs disappear for a variety of reasons we live in nicer homes, there is more entertainment at home, TV and Internet, high prices in the pubs and cheap booze from the supermarkets which now never close, we no longer know all our neighbors, commuters get home late and exhausted, drink driving and smoking bans it just goes on.

Pubs however are part of the British way of life and part of our history.

The Anchor Pub , St Helens Wharf, Abingdon

Former Beehive Pub, Corner Stert St and Broad Street Abingdon

The famous Beehive pub sign "disappeared" though I did hear it had been found. Closed in the last ten years.

Boundary House Pub Oxford Rd, Former Home of MG Founder Cecil Kimber

On any sunny weekend day the garden is full of people.

Learn more about Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Former Horse and Jockey Pub, Bath Street

Now converted to apartments.

The Former Barley Mow Lombard Street Abingdon

This pub was run in the past by E. J. Trendall and William Hemming (Morris Dancing Family) both well known Abingdon names. This pub must have closed in recent times as I have someone who used to drink there

The White Horse Pub, End of Ock Street Abingdon

The Black Swan Abingdon with Black-faced Morris Dancers

The Black Swan, Bath Street is a locals pub.

Cross Keys Pub Ock Street Abingdon - House next door used to be a pub as well!

The middle pub of the remaining three pubs on Ock Street . Also provides accommodation for £40 a night. Next to the Fire station

The Former Happy Dick Pub - Wonderful Name for a pub

The Hemmings and Enoch families were former landlords. Next to Dominos.

Mr Warwick Arms Former Pub Ock Street Abingdon - Warwick Arms, 91 Ock Street, Abingdon, Berkshire/Oxfordshire

A William Warwick was landlord in 1852, later on there were Wiblins and a Hemming

Steam Plough Pub, Broad Street Abingdon - Steam Plough, 10 Broad Street, Abingdon

Broad Street was largely destroyed by the 1970s redevelopment of the centre of Abingdon. Note the sign for Queen Street which also disappeared. The pub is now used as an accountants.

Former White Hart Pub, East St Helens Street Abingdon

Photo from History of a Street Day

Former Cock And Tree Pub Oct St Abingdon

Cock And Tree Pub Oct St Abingdon
Cock And Tree Pub Oct St Abingdon

Closed in 1954 now a male barbers "Steers" and separately a hairdressers Jeanette II

Former Holly Bush Pub Ock St Abingdon

Next to the former "New" Air Balloon Pub (closed 1999)

Which pub do you frequent or remember

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      The Mr Warwick Arms according to the flyer that remained in boxes in my cupboard under the stairs showed the name to mr Mr Warwick Arms Inn. I'm sure I recall my father saying this was a typo, where the posters protesting the closure of the pub and it's neighbouring pub The Crown to be joined for the opening of what is now The Brewery Tap.

      The Landlords of The Crown, Mr & Mrs Keith Heritage took the Mr Warwick Arms prior to it's closure.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I recall no pub in Abingdon called the Warwick Arms, but I drank regularly at Mr Warrick's Arms, then presided over by the memorable Irene May Heavens and her motor-racing son Roger.

      And while we're about it, let's not forget the Nag's Head or the Broad Face, both in Bridge Street.

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Nice idea for a lens. I can see this might be an excuse to visit some other towns with lots of watering holes :)