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Get active on holiday in thailand

Updated on January 21, 2013

There's more to Thailand than a beach

A huge portion of people travel to Thailand each year in the quest for a perfect weather beach holiday and with 1400km of coastline you can easily see the appeal. Temperatures are high so the thought of a relaxing beach holiday combined with cooling dips in the sea makes Thailand one of the best beach destinations in the World.

With so many other activities on offer though it really isn't doing Thailand justice to treat it simply as a beach holiday destination. This lens aims to show you that there are loads of activities you can partake in during your holiday so you go home with more memories than just a fading tan!

Thai Food
Thai Food

Thai Cookery course

For me Thai food is the best food in the World. I love the flavours, textures and all the fresh ingredients it calls for. So when on holiday in Thailand I can think of nothing better than taking part in a Thai cookery course to learn how to cook frm the masters!

Cookery classes are on offer in dedicated locations in larger towns such as Bangkok and Chang Mai or they can usually be arranged through your hotel and gernerally aren't too much money.

Let's face it, if you can learn to cook the best Thai food then it will make coming home all the more easier to stand and if that fails and your cooking skills aren't doing the job then hunt around for a Thai restaurant such as the Thai Orchid which accoring to Yelp is one of the 'best restaurants in Edinburgh' for Thai food (

Elephant trekking

Liek horse trekking but on an elephant!

No trip to Thailand is complete without experiencing an elephant trek. When you talk to anyone about visiting Thailand it's generally one thing they all have in common other than the beach! Also, how many times in your life will you get to go elephant trekking? It's an experience not to be missed and will give you amazing memories of your holiday.

Elephant treks can be taken in conservation centres throughout Thailand such as the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre near Lampang or the Elephant Training Camp in Mae Sa Valley. For me, I feel one of the best places for this is Chaing mai at the Thai Elephant Home which is a conservation centre that works with the local community and preotects and restores the local environment. If you're going to go elephant trekking it's worth investigating where to go and choosing somewhere that does soem good.

Diving in Thailand

Clear warm waters make diving a pleasure

There are many diving schools up and down the coast in Thailand and it's common for visitors to spend a few days learning how to scuba dive. Snorkelling is another good option but scuba diving lets you get deeper into the sea so you have greater chance of seeing more fish and exploring the reefs.

A PADI Scuba Diver Course is a pre-entry course over the course of two days which allows holidaygoers to learn to scuba to an entry level without taking up your whole holiday.

What makes Thailand perfect for Scuba diving is that it is seasonal so for 1/2 the year you dive on the West and the other half you dive on the East for the clearest waters.

And at an average sea temp of 25 degrees scuba diving in Thailand is an amazing opportunity.

Watch the wildlife

Relaxtion is the key on holiday

There's so much more to Thai wildlife than elephants and fish! Thailand is full of amazing green areas and parkland where you can view a huge range of exotic birds such as parrots and trogons. On top of that you can watch out for amphibians and reptiles such as gekos andmonitor lizards.

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Beach or active holiday

Which do you prefet to do on holiday?

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