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Best Places To Visit in Africa: A Free Safari

Updated on January 29, 2016

Virtual African Safari: Images from a Kenyan Safari

I will take you on a free pictorial Kenyan Safari without you moving any inch. Just sit back and enjoy every moment of the tour. By the time you are through, you will have spend nothing for the entire virtual African Safari tour but your time. Here is why Africa has best places to visit, a Free Safari tailored for you.

This safari is tailor made for people who have never visited Africa and are planning to visit Africa in the near future. You can get started by looking at what is in store for you. Remember, early planning gives you a chance to get the best travel deals either during off or on season.

What is safari?

Safari is local Swahili word which just means journey. Ki-swahili is a local dialect very common in East Africa especially among the local towns along the Indian Ocean. The language has over the years been embraced by other African countries and it is always fun to learn some basic Swahili words before visiting. If you do not know the language, do not worry as English, French and German languages are widely spoken in many African countries.

To start you off is the night of arrival where am putting you up in a tented camp next to your beach hotel and you will not resist the campfire stories from your free personal tour guide. This is a free and cheap virtual safari and you need not be stressed by the safari cost. Tented camps are value for money and there are many options available online for you to choose from.

Your Beach House

You wake up in the morning from your magnificent beach house and proceed to sample the beach natural beauty. Beach house cost can be avoided if you choose to rent a tent; in fact it is more fun! Most people visiting the coastal region prefer beach houses and there many options which take care of your budget needs.

East African residents are known to be very hospitable and home-stay safaris are the a fun way when visiting, they are affordable and you get to learn more about your host family and their culture. There are several tour firms which specialize in these safari types.

Sample Virgin Sands on the Beach

Your breakfast will be served at the beach and you get a chance to select what breakfast plan makes you smile. I suggest among others you try the locally brewed Kenyan coffee; it will give you the energy for the Safari.

Sandy Beach Experience

Both Kenya North and South coast beaches are just too virgin to be true. This is one of the most romantic destinations in Africa especially for honeymoon or just relaxation. If you are looking for a memorable honeymoon or a place where you and your family can have fun, look no further.

Enjoy the Ebb Flow Under Your Feet

Just relax, unwind and enjoy the breeze. The ebbs will make you forget your troubles and set your mind and soul free. It is always advisable to savor the moment and take with you the photos and leaving only your foot prints behind.

Splash Before the Safari

Before we commence our safari, take a fulfilling splash and take enough water to avoid dehydration.

Calm Yet Dangerous Waters

Ocean water might be deceptive and yet dangerous. If you are not a good swimmer do not try your skills here, we need you throughout our safari.

Encounter the Pets of the Wild

As you drive from the coast, you enter the Tsavo national park and you cannot miss the King of the jungle, the lion and much more. Lions tend to be polite only when they have had a decent meal and this does not mean you get close to them. Remember we have just entered the famous land of "man eaters of Tsavo"!

The Elephant

Most elephants found in Tsavo National Park are generally brown due to their swimming prowess in muddy waters to cool themselves down. The Savannah grasslands tend to be hot and temperatures can sometimes hit the roof hence the occasional cooling down. The elephant is among the strongest animals in the world.

Experience Smooth and Dangerous Roads

It is not that am taking you round and round but the roads! Sometimes it makes sense when roads are not straight since that's the only way we can either get to the bottom or up the valley. Please stay with me!

Take a muddy walk

Do not worry about this elephant; he has just taken a fulfilling and refreshing bath from the "Brown Pool". We all deserve such after a days hard-work anyway.

Its Getting Rocky Here...

East Africa lies in the Great Rift Valley and rocks are part of the scenery you are bound to encounter during your safari.

The Safari Land of Contrasts

The Western part of the Tsavo National park is the snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro; a contrast to the dry Savannah grassland. If you are the person who loves mountain climbing, then this is another days safari for you.

How to Avoid Accidents? Check this Out ...

Sometimes road accidents are caused by human error but here, it is more than that, its monkey error maybe. It is always good to respect other road users while on Safari.

....At sunset...

It is almost evening and we have had a very successful African safari and we need to head back to out base for a relaxing night.

Back to the City

Hope this has been a great African safari and you must be exhausted but before we get back to the beach some shopping will do.

Buying presents

To keep your memory afresh, buying some paintings for presents to take with you back home is always a pleasure.

Back to the beach house..

Now that we skipped lunch, some early dinner will do you good.

Time to relax

There are many places to relax but if you are the party animal type, there are no dull moment in the evening.there are many night spots that you can visit and socialize with locals. People here are friendly and always ready to help. It is upon you to choose the entertainment places that befits the kind of fun that you are looking for.

Dinner is served

Good night folks and safe journey home in the morning.

Been to Kenya?

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