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Aircraft Charter Service

Updated on December 27, 2012

Aircraft Charter Service

Flying aboard an aircraft charter service has a lot of fantastic advantages for travelers. There are many valid reasons the elite choose to fly private aircraft. However, with an aircraft charter service, you do not experience the high cost connected with full jet ownership. Signifying that the passengers may relax and revel in the advantages of a private flight.

Flying aboard private aircraft is indulgent and makes a statement about your station in life. Executive aircraft do not depart till all the travelers are ready and aboard the aircraft. Traveling via private corporate jets do not require you to arrive hours ahead of flight time, only to be submitted to long security lines. In other words, no more hurry up and wait. No longer being cloistered with thousands of travelers on a concourse wasting precious time. No longer would you be hostage in a plane, sitting on a tarmac for hours. An executive aircraft provides wide seating (usually leather) and a whole lotta room to spread out. Some private aircraft may possess personalized entertainment centers and customized galleys. Maybe, the greatest advantage to flying private jets is that you are saved from flying with strangers. Your only fly with those you invite or you can enjoy a flight with you as a solitary passenger.

An aircraft charter service will greatly ease the massive costs of private jet ownership. Executive aircraft are the biggest of big-ticket items and the numbers of people who can afford them are few. Very few. The price tag for a private jet begins in the multi-millions of dollars and that is just the purchase price. On-going costs include fees, taxes, expenses, and salaries. There is the costs for fuel, insurance, landing fees, and hangar fees. Also, jets are much more different than airplanes. They require staff to fly and maintain the aircraft. All this combines to keep private aircraft out of reach for most people.

However, there is an economy with an aircraft charter service. First, you are only paying for a private jet when you are flying on a private jet. Owning a private jet you have expenses whether you are in the air or not. Secondly, an aircraft charter service allows you to scale up or scale down as needed. If you need to haul a lot of passengers you can get a bigger jet or, conversely, if it is just you, you can get a smaller jet (and save money). Finally, using a charter service provides you options for amenities. Traveling with children? Get an aircraft with gaming consoles and individualized DVD players. Traveling with business partners? Get an aircraft with conference space and communications equipment. Traveling overnight? Get an aircraft with a bed and shower. As you can see an air charter service may not only save you money but also provide you flexibility. Savings and flexibility you would not have with full jet ownership.

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