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Updated on November 26, 2012

Alamat- Filipino Folklore

Ang Alamat ay sulating pampanitikan na nagsasaysay ng pinagmulan ng isang tao, pook, bagay pangyayari sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng pantasya o pangyayaring hindi kapani-paniwala at salig sa kathang isip lamang. Ang Alamat ay nagtataglay ng magagandang aral sapagkat ang layunin ng manunulat ng alamat ay hindi lamang ang magbigay aliw sa mambabasa kundi higit sa lahat ay magturo kahalagahan ng pagtatamo ng mabubuting asal.

Ang mga Alamat ay sumasalamin sa kultura at paniniwala ng mga ating mga Pilipino. Mariing binibigyang diin na sa bawat kuwento sa Alamat na ang kabutihan sa kapwa ay kadalasang may katumbas na biyaya at pagpapala at sa mga pumili naman sa landas ng kasamaan ay palagiang may katumbas na kaparusahan.

A Filipino Folklore or local legend is a written or oral literature about the creation and origins of people, places, objects and events. The emphasis of Filipino Legends are not just about stories of exaggerated realities and events, but there are always an embedded moral lessons in the end- craftily weaved into a storyline that not just charm and delight readers but also to impart local values as well.

These local Legends also strongly resonates culture, tradition and beliefs of the people. They highlight the merits of a noble acts and retribution for those who chose evil ways.

Alamat ng Agila - (Legend of the Eagle)

Alamat ng Agila (The Legend of the Eagle)
Alamat ng Agila (The Legend of the Eagle)

A modern take on the the legend of the majestic national bird - the Philippine eagle. Story by Segundo D. Matias Jr.


Alamat Ng Sibuyas - (Legend of the Onion)

Alamat ng Paruparo - (Legend of the Butterfly)

Alamat ng Paruparo -- The Legend of the Butterfly (Modernong Alamat-Modern Legend)
Alamat ng Paruparo -- The Legend of the Butterfly (Modernong Alamat-Modern Legend)


In the old days, there was a king who fell in love with a nymph. The nymph disobeyed her father and accepted the love of the mortal king. Because of that, the lovers were punished. By the powers of enchantment, the nymphy was turned into a flower.


Ang Alamat ng Lansones - Legend of Lansones

Lansones (known as langsat in Malaysia) is the fruit of a moderately sized tree that grows mostly in Southeast Asian regions like Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Lansones has a bland yellow color and tastes sweet or sour when ripe.

Here is a list of Legends of Lansones on the Web. The stories below differs significantly from each other since the authors has taken liberties to craft their own storyline. All stories below are written in Filipino.

*Alamat ng Lansones at Jaypee online

* - Edna and Manuel story . Also check another version that also comes with english translation.

Photo credit - prlog

Alamat ng Sampaguita - Legend of Sampaguita

Sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines is fragrant little flower that emits delightful and easily distinguishable sweet scent. They are commonly peddled in the streets of the Philippines as a garland to adorn religious objects and as a natural air freshener for cars and homes as well .

Read the story of Alamat ng Sampaguita

Photo credit: Philippine Jasmine (Sampaguita) uploaded by epibase via wikimedia.

Alamat ng Durian

Durian is an exotic fruit of contrasting qualities. Many find the repulsive odor overpowering at the same time many would describe the taste as 'heavenly' once they got to taste the exotic fruit.

Here is the link to Alamat ng Durian

Durian image is a public domain pictures on wikimedia.

Alamat ng Mangga - Legend of Mango

The succulent mango from the Philippines is among the best tasting variety of mangoes in the world. The kidney shaped fruit turns into beautiful golden yellow when ripe.

-Alamat ng Mangga (Filipino)

-Myth of Mango Fruits

Alamat ng Kasoy - Legend of Cashew

Mga Alamat - Links - Halimbawa ng Alamat

Narito ang ilang sa halimbawa ng alamat na maari ninyong sundan para sa inyong pagsisiyasat. Sundan lamang ang link at kayo ay dadalhin sa buod o istorya ng pamagat ng mga alamat na hinahanap.


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