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The Magic of Alaska

Updated on August 24, 2015

Alaska or Hawaii?

There's no doubt that Alaska and Hawaii are two destinations that stir up a lot of passiona and excitement when thinking about visiting and vacationing at either one.

Hawaii brings the paradise theme, with visions of lying in a hammock and watching the gorgeous trees and rolling ocean. Alaska, on the other hand, also bring visions of oceans, but these ones include majestic mountains and glacier tours you can get very close with.

With Alaska you also have the extraordinary fish and wildlife that inhabit the state and its ocean boundaries, which also draw visions from hunters, fisherman, photographers and sightseers.

A combination of the numerous bears in Alaska and the annual run of salmon is one of the favorite images people hold, as the Alaskan bear stands on the top of the rapids while the Alaska salmon struggle up to go up the rapids to spawn.

One of images Alaskan visitors have when thinking of Alaska

Amazing Alaskan Scenes

So when you think of Hawaii you think of sun, fun and relaxation, and when you think of Alaska, you think of adenture, hunting, fishing, wildlife and exploration.

Some of the most amazing photographs come from the enormous state of Alaska, and whether on a working trip or Alaska vacation, the opportunities to get great shots is endless. I think you could spend a lifetime in Alaska and barely make a dent in the photos you could take of the unique landscape.

Alaskan Railroad

One thing I think most people would really like would be on the Alaskan railroad. Imagine taking an Alaskan tour across the entire country, and see things that very few people have ever seen.

Riding the Alaskan Railroad

Alaskan Cruise

People that take an Alaskan cruise almost always come back with that breathtaking look when they begin to describe it. You can see a lot of things with the Alaskan Railroad, but taking a cruise gives you a different look from the outside in that is a totally different perspective.

Alaskan Cruises an experience of a lifetime

Alaska Lodging

What's really great about Alaska, is it can cater to the most ardent explorer or adventurer, and still have the accommodations for those that want to do a little of both, or as little adventure as possible while enjoying the sites.

One of my personal favorites are the more rustic Alaskan lodges or Alaska inns which offer everything someone would want, but let you experience the feel of the outdoors and untamed land.

Alaskan Inn

Alaska Guide

Another way to partake in exploring Alaska is through hiring a guide. Again, this caters to those who want a safer experience, while at least seeing the more important places of interest, and hopefully a few off the beaten track.

Hire an Alaskan guide for targeted interests

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Of all the outdoors activities, probably the favorite of sportsman is fishing for the might Alaska salmon. Some of the largest salmon in the world are caught in Alaska, and it's a trip of a lifetime.

If you don't like to fish, hopefully you would get a chance to see the bears as they stand poised in the rapids enjoying their salmon fishing. 

Alaska salmon fishing human style

Alaska salmon fishing bear style

Alaska Hunting

Among the favorite animals hunted in Alaska are bear, caribou, muskox, moose, , wolves, mountain goats and Dall sheep.

Because Alaska is so big, the place you decide to hunt is important, as it'll determine the length and comfort of the trip. Some guides only take you by water in some regions, depending on the particular animal you're hunting.

Alaskan Moose

Something in Alaska for Everybody

So whether you're one who prefers beautiful scenery, a cruise, touring, hunting and fishing, or photography, there is something in Alaska for everybody.

You can rough it if you like or stay in an Alaskan inn or lodge to enjoy and relax between the various activities and excursions you'll want to take.

Alaska is simply one of the more beautiful places in the world, and taking an Alaska trip or Alaska vacation could be one of the highlights of your life.

And hey, you might even run into Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now wouldn't that top all things off!

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin


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