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42 times Hitchhiking Across the Galaxy.

Updated on December 14, 2015

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 42

An extremely great and remarkable book. Now on screen. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is an amazing book you can't do without if you go camping on one of the outer planets of Ursula 42b.

The witty wisdom and advanced advise will be a warm welcome when you're lost in space. It tells you that you're not alone in you struggle and survival. Finding the right hairdresser in a village you've never been is already hard enough. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a great companion during waiting hours on the bus stop or the doctors waiting room. Sure enough you will wait for a couple of hours more.

What you need for a trip to the stars.

Traveling through the Galaxy is not an easy thing to do. You should not start of lighthearted. Although there are almost unlimited places where you can go to, it's a good thing to prepare yourself.

When you go hitchhiking around the Galaxy it's clear that some luck is involved. But don't let this put you of, embrace the good chances of success and go with thew universal flow. There is though one thing you should do first, and that's buy a compass, you know, the one that doesn't work on local magnetic fields but on gravition particles.

The second thing is, you should know where to go, in case you get lost. Getting lost while hiking the universe is the fun part of traveling through the Galaxy. And when you don't have a destination, you can't get lost, so you will miss a lot of what you otherwise obsessively will dismiss as being normal. You will miss the fun!!!!

Hitchhiking the Galaxy is fun, and yes I know there is The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But that's no fun. Who needs a guide when adventure awaits you. Do you really want to know the ins and outs of the moods of a depressed robot or the local politics of an intergalactic highway ? Don't think so.

Forget about a Hiking guide and follow the stars that reign in your birth horoscope. You know, the one that shows the constellations in a special configuration that can only be seen on an incredible locally set hospital where you where born. If you're lucky you've got Goofy in your Horoscope, the 12th planet of the Sun.

But without further ado, I will give you some survival tips about what kind of clothes to wear, and what kind of gear to take with you if your planning to go on an inter stellar cruise or two. And don't forget your famous hiking boots.

How to time travel through huge space-time field. - Calculate travel distance - It's important!!!

hitchhiking the galaxy - how to time travel
hitchhiking the galaxy - how to time travel

We need some good hiking boots

It's clear that one of the first tricks you have to learn is how to overcome agoraphobics, fear for huge open spaces.Some people start to panic, which is quite normal. Agoraphobics is more known by women then by men, so best thing to do is to change gender before you start to hike. Just to be sure.

Because space is big, really big, so huge it doesn't bulge when you kick a dent in it. To travel from A to B though we do have a calculation trick. This may be important for your travel destination. But as a hiker there is one thing that's in your advantage and that's time. You don't have to be anywhere at a certain time. Otherwise you should have taken a regular flight.

So the only thing we have to worry about is distance.

To tackle that problem, we need some good hiking boots, boots that really go along way and don't fail at the first planetary station. It can be really messy if you've to walk a mile on socks alone, believe me, seen it, done it!!!

Who is your favorite travel partner when cruising the galaxy ? - Hitchhiking through the galaxy can be lonely, why not invite a good friend.

The Best Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Best Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Who is you're favorite partner when hiking across the stars.

See results
Fashion shower slippers for women
Fashion shower slippers for women

The clothes you need for a trip to The Grand Pizarolla Hotel.

Fashion boots or neo-conservative shower slippers.

There is a place called The Grand Pizarolla Hotel, it's probably the most fashionable hotel in the universe. It's so fashionable that even the retro neo-conservatives have found a place to hang out. Ties knotted according to the last thinkable fashion and drinking there vintage neo-conservative tea with Ohm-santo milk powder.

The Grand Pizarolla Hotel is definitely a place to look out for, it's not easy to spot though, because just like fashion, the Hotel has a turn over every week. It's appearance changes by the hour according to a set of complicated fashion laws made up by quantum knots and strings.

But if you happen to be in the neighborhood the last thing you should do is worrying about fashion. The universe is big you know, really big, And every fashion style imaginable exists. So you can easily go to The Grand Pizarolla Hotel in your kitchen apron and your shower slippers. Don't forget your towel though...

The best of the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Take a shawl as essential for hitchhiking the galaxy.
Take a shawl as essential for hitchhiking the galaxy.

Take your shawl and wrap your cape, leave your worries on the doorstep.

A good shawl is worth a thousand Swiss knives.

There are some essentials you shouldn't forget when camping on Ursor Minor. Have you ever noticed what gear Dr. Who uses and what Superman is wearing ? Right, a shawl and a cape, both to cover your neck bone. To show your bare neck is in many civilizations incredible impolite. Be aware and wear your shawl or cape at all times. If you lost your shawl, a towel will do nicely.

As ever a towel comes in handy, never be without. You may think a Swiss knife may be important when you're starting of the journey of a lifetime. Forget it. A towel is essential and can be deadly too.

You can get yourself a hat, but it's not really necessary. Although most non human life forms don't have hair, and certainly not on there most essential parts, they won't be offended if you try to cover it. The risk though may exist that in some parts of the Galaxy, your hair may be seen as a way of communication, especially if you wave with it a lot. And they will shake your hair instead of your hands as a greeting.

ghost who walks the stairs in the universe of space-time
ghost who walks the stairs in the universe of space-time

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories

A collection of stories that will keep you awake at night. If you can't sleep and still want to do something. Or if you can sleep but don't want too. Or for those who excellently picked up the book and noticed that they simply can not put it down.


Best books for when you go hiking.

Ghost stories for camping on an unknown planet.

There are some places in the universe that are so incredibly boring that wished you had brought a book with you, any book. To avoid such situations you have to prepare yourself and take a good book with you. Not to heavy, but thrilling enough to keep you awake during the night.

In some places, the woods of Alendrio for instance, you don't want to sleep. But you have to relax your mind a bit. Because if you keep thinking about all those horrors that can explode every minute around you, your brain will be fused even before the real horror show takes place.

That's where a good hitch hiking book comes in handy. A simple but trustworthy book full of ghost stories and other entertainment you can busy yourself with during the night on a lonely spot in the woods. A good ghost story will affect you immediately, it creeps in to your bones and keeps you busy all night. What more do you want to experience ?

A map of the universe, important equipment for every hitchhiker. - Don't make a move without a decent map of the galaxy.

hitchhiking the galaxy
hitchhiking the galaxy

The map of the universe

After you've made yourself comfortable with a good glass of wine or a hot chocolate, depending on the place you are. It's time to think about getting your hands on a good navigation system. A map that won't fail. In short a star map that's not locally based.

Problem is, most star maps are. You can find some really good maps uf the universe, but they are made from one certain point of perspective. The viewer is on earth. This won't help you of course when you're hitchhiking on the fourth planet of the "lucky star of the tents".

So choose your maps with care, the can make the difference between a good night rest or floating without purpose in the direction of an unknown red dwarf.

Dear Guest, leave your travel experiences here. - Where have you been in the universe ?

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