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An Easy Walk In Old Lyme, Connecticut

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Exploring new places can be great fun especially when it's something a little different. When I find something interesting, I love to share

DEEP Station Old Lyme
DEEP Station Old Lyme | Source

Easy Hiking At The DEEP Trail In Old Lyme, CT

Along side the DEEP building is a wooden path that becomes a boardwalk over the water. It goes into preserved marshland on Long Island Sound. It is an easy walk, with beautiful views of the sound, the boats and marshes. With opportunities to observe some of the wildlife.

I have suggestions for what else to visit in Old Lyme and where to eat. Maybe you would like to take this walk after your meal or before. Either way, it's a really relaxing day.

The DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) has their boating station in Old Lyme, at 333 Ferry St. It's on the water right where the Connecticut River empties into the Long Island Sound. The water along the way is salt water and fishing with a license is allowed.

There is 15 minute parking in front of the building for doing business inside the building. However, to the right of the building there is a large parking lot with no time limit on parking. In the back of the lot and to the right side of it, you will see the wooden path. There is no admission or parking fee.

On The Path In Old Lyme, Connecticut

Path At DEEP In Old Lyme
Path At DEEP In Old Lyme | Source

A Handicapped Accessible Path

The path is handicapped and wheelchair accessible and completely flat. This picture shows the beginning, looking toward the sound and a railroad bridge. It's about a 1/2 mile, so 1 mile round trip. There are a few benches along the way.

Ahead and to the right, in the background, there are a few picnic tables and one standing barbecue pit. (See the photo in the photo gallery). Even though there are only a few tables, I have never seen this area crowded.

Walk Alongside Marshlands - Over the Connecticut River

Walk Along Marshes
Walk Along Marshes | Source

The marshlands and very shallow water will be on the left of the boardwalk and the deeper water is on your right as you head out.

Watching the swamp grasses blow in the breeze is very relaxing. You can smell the salt air.

Along the way there are pictures of birds and fish with descriptions, so you can identify the wildlife.

Walking Along The Boardwalk

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Boardwalk Over Connecticut RiverInformational Signs Along BoardwalkInformation Signs Along Boardwalk
Boardwalk Over Connecticut River
Boardwalk Over Connecticut River | Source
Informational Signs Along Boardwalk
Informational Signs Along Boardwalk | Source
Information Signs Along Boardwalk
Information Signs Along Boardwalk | Source

Along The Boardwalk Are Receptacles For Fishing Lines - A Big Danger to Wildlife

Filament Recepticles
Filament Recepticles | Source

Discarded filament fishing lines are a danger to water fowl and other wildlife. Receptacles are provided along the way to discard the filament.

Please, if you are walking along a beach or pond or any natural area, please pick up filament lines and take them home or somewhere where they can be disposed of safely. (If you are taking it home to dispose of, be careful your household pets don't get into it. Swallowing it can kill them.)

As You Are Leaving Look To Your Left At The Boats Moored On The Connecticut River - Across The River Is Old Saybrook

Boats Moored In Old Lyme, Connecticut River
Boats Moored In Old Lyme, Connecticut River | Source

It's a beautiful view of the marina on the Old Lyme side of the river as well as ones on the Old Saybrook side of the river.

If you are a boating enthusiast you can check out the DEEP boats and others.

Florence Griswold Museum

The Florence Griswold Museum is nearby. According to Mapquest, the museum is 1.67 miles from the DEEP trail and 4 minutes away.

In the late 1800's, early 1900's Florence Griswold's home was a boarding house for a colony of American Impressions. This is more than a period house. The artists such as Henry Ward Ranger and Childe Hassam each painted a panel on either one of the doors or a panel over the fireplace in the dining room.

There is also a new museum building which houses the collection previously owned by The Hartford Steam Boiler. Additionally, there are beautiful gardens and a small al fresco cafe in season.

The Lyme Academy of Fine Arts College is located in Old Lyme and Old Lyme has a beautiful historic district

Gardens At The Florence Griswold Museum

Gardens At Florence Griswold
Gardens At Florence Griswold | Source

These are the gardens that inspired many of the impressionist artist's paintings.

A Few More Places in Old Lyme

If you leave the Florence Griswold Museum you can stroll up and down Lyme Street for a look at the beautiful architecture of the 19th and early 20th century homes.

The Lyme Art Association is on the corner of Route 1 and Halls Road. It is open to the public and has a gallery of work by professional and amateur artists.

Google Map of the Old Lyme Area in this article

All places mentioned in this article are in close proximity. Take Exit 70 off of I-95 to reach them all.

show route and directions
A markerCT DEEP and boardwalk into Long Island Sound -
333 Ferry Road, Old Lyme, CT
get directions

B markerFlorence Griswold Museum -
96 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT
get directions

C markerLyme Art Association -
90 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371, USA
get directions

Free admission to a gallery of art exhibits.

Free Admission To State Parks For Senior Citizens - Connecticut Residents Over 65 Years Old May Obtain A Charter Oak Pass At The DEEP Building In Old Lyme

There are several ways to obtain a Charter Oak Pass. All of them involve showing proof of age.

If you go to the DEEP in Old Lyme, you may obtain one in person. There are other ways of obtaining one. See the link below for more info.

Also, if you are over 65 years old fresh water and salt water fishing licenses are free.

I think this is a real pleasant way to spend a nice day. Not too long, not too short. Not too tiring, not too sedentary. What do you think?

Everyone is welcome to comment.

© 2011 Ellen Gregory

So? How Does Spending A Day Like This Sound to You?

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      What a beautiful area to walk in. I'd love to stroll around there. Enjoyed your pictures very much.

    • angelsigh profile image

      angelsigh 6 years ago

      I think your right, lovely :D