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Anacostia River: Washington DC's Other River

Updated on February 4, 2013

Enjoy and Explore the Anacostia River

The Anacostia River is a tributary of Washington DC's more famous river, the Potomac. The Anacostia has many opportunities for recreation. Below you can also learn more about how to protect this natural resource.
Photo credit: Scenic Artisan. Used by permission.

Boating on the Anacostia

Boat tours and canoe rentals are available at Bladensburg Watefront Park.

River Lover Delights - For Anglers, Paddlers and other River Enthusiasts

Looking to go out and enjoy your hometown river? Whether you enjoy fishing or paddling, we have what you need here.


Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

This lotus was taken at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, which is across the Anacostia from the National Arboretum. Water lilies, lotus blossoms, and great blue heron are among the attractions there. Photo credit: dcgal

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