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Andernos les Bains Delightful Seaside Resort

Updated on September 20, 2014

Delightful Family Seaside Resort on the French Atlantic Coast

Andernos les Bains is a relatively small sea-side town on the Bay of Arcachon. It is favored by young families and is famous for its Oyster Port and Covered Market.

The Bassin D'Arcachon is tidal, so sea water disappears from the Andernos beaches twice a day leaving behind mudflats. When the tide is in the shallow water and modest waves are very safe for supervised small children

There are popular boat trips to Arcachon and the Isle D'Oiseau (Bird Island)

Family cycling is also very popular with hundreds of kilometers of dedicated cycle paths, these are mostly flat or follow the contours of the sand dunes.

Cap Ferret and Lacanau are popular destinations along with trips in land to visit all the famous Bordeaux and St Emilion vineyards.

Les Quinconces

Les Quinconces is a nature park between Andernos and Ares. It was favored by Sarah Bernhardt when she sejourned in Andernos.

Oyster Port

Port Oestricole

The Port is tidal, the oyster-men have to know the tides and use special flat bottomed boats. Many of the oysters are sold either retail or eaten in the restaurants owned by their families.

Andernos Market

Grand Marche Municipale

There is a market every day with an astonishing array of fish, seafood, meats and fruits. Friday is however the main Market Day when several streets are closed for market stalls, the town and market become very crowded

Andernos Jetty

Supposedly the longest in France it has a pontoon which is for the Arcachon Ferry.

Essential morning and evening promenade for tourists and Andernosians

Mineral Water Spring

There is always a queue for the mineral water spring at St Eloi with supposedly curative properties

St Eloi Church and the Gallo-Roman Ruins

Andernos was an important center in Roman times with an immense villa of which just a few ruins remain, next to the picturesque church of St Eloi

Andernos Les Bains Oyster Port with Lightning

More Andernos Photos

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Traditional Villa on Beach FrontAbingdon Mediatheque (Library) refuge for tourists during bad waether or when weather too hot!The Ocean at La Garenne Cap Ferret
Traditional Villa on Beach Front
Traditional Villa on Beach Front
Abingdon Mediatheque (Library) refuge for tourists during bad waether or when weather too hot!
Abingdon Mediatheque (Library) refuge for tourists during bad waether or when weather too hot!
The Ocean at La Garenne Cap Ferret
The Ocean at La Garenne Cap Ferret

Sarah Bernhardt's Former Villa in Andernos

Madame Quandmeme

Sarah Bernhardt resided in Andernos les Bains in her later years staying in the Eureka Villa now demolished. The plaque commemorates her stay from 1915-1917.

She said of Andernos, quelque soit la promenade que l'on fasse, on est entouré de beauté (In Andernos, wherever you walk, you are surrounded by beauty)

Toulouse-Lautrec was also a famous visitor who stayed with his cousin at Andernos

Tourist Office was Formerly the Station at Andernos Les Bains

Ancienne Gare D'Andernos

Many will still remember the train which ran from Facture to Andernos. It is now well preserved and serves as the town's Tourist Office.

The former railway track is now used as a very popular cycle path

Ecole De La Mer

Ecole de la Merde

Some bright wit added two letters to this school sign, not actually at Andernos but further round the Baie D'Arcachon

Andernos Day Trip Going to the Ocean

When you stay anywhere on the "Bassin" you will sometimes want to go to the Ocean. This means go to the Atlantic Coast known as the Cote D'Argent. This is very beautiful and inspiring with endless sandy beaches, tourists should be advised though that the sea can be very dangerous for everyone experienced swimmer or not. You should only swim where there are lifeguards.

The danger arises from the very strong currents which can run along parallel with the beach and then out to sea, these are called baines.

The photo below shows when the tide is out at La Garenne near Cap Ferret.

Andernos Day Trips: Ferry to Arcachon

In the summer there is a popular ferry from Andernos to Arcachon

Andernos Day Trip : Dunes of Pyla

Largest dune in Europe with a magnificent view of the Baie D'Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean and the Cote D'Or

Andernos Day Trip : Canoeing on the Leyre

This is a family friendly canoeing trip either Half-Day or Full Day

Andernos Day Trip : Lacanau Ocean

Lacanau Ocean is a very lively summer seaside resort (ghost town in the Winter) with shops and restaurants. Every year there are wind surfing championships here.

Andernos Restaurants : Oyster Port

The Oyster Port has recently converted the front of it's Oyster Units into Restaurants these are still run by local fishermen and have quickly become popular.

Your Andernos Souvenirs

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