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Andros Greece Hotels

Updated on September 10, 2014

Top Accommodation Venue at Andros Greece

Don't you dream of staying amidst sheer greenery surrounded by fine sandy beaches? What if beautiful mountain villages are added to it, along with small waterfalls and springs? Doesn't this sound exciting and enthralling? The native people residing here are so welcoming that you could never feel, out of place. This is what makes your trip even more special at Andros Greece.

Due to its close proximity to Athens, this junction has become a much preferred holiday spot. Lined with figs, oranges and olive trees and stupendous vineyards, you could extend your fun even more. The spring water flowing at Sariza is highly pure and is used for trading purpose as well. So, you can understand the importance of this destination.

Blue Bay Village Hotel Andros Greece (Batsi)
Blue Bay Village Hotel Andros Greece (Batsi)

The Blue Bay Village Hotel in Andros

Andros Greece is more beyond these. It is a perfect blend of steep mountains, deep gorges and riverbeds. Gavrio is the main port serving the island and it receives ferries from Rafina. Batsi is the most popular village in Andros and offers a lot of accommodation facilities. And the best time to be here is between April and September.

The Blue Bay Village Hotel in Andros (Batsi) remains open during these months and provides elegantly decorated apartments and studios with the best possible amenities.

Blue Bay Hotel Studios Andros Greece (Batsi)
Blue Bay Hotel Studios Andros Greece (Batsi)

Things to Do in Andros Greece

This 3 star rated hotel has everything one seeks to have in a perfect vacation. It has all the recreational amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a Jacuzzi and a pool bar. The hotel authorities occasionally organize entertainment for its guests. The traditional food catered in the on-site restaurant is worth relishing, by all those making a visit to Andros Greece.

One very popular sport activity practiced here is windsurfing, which can be learnt by the experts present at the beach areas. The Blue Bay Village Hotel offers training lessons to all sport enthusiasts on request. For surfing, you necessarily need not know the sport from before. You can learn the nitty gritty of the water activity here, itself.

The Greeks are party lovers and the nightlife does not start until 10 pm. It ends until the sun rises in the sky. You can enjoy drinks and dance at the vibrant floors of the night clubs. DJs from all over the globe come here to play for the wonderful crowd gathered here. People throw flowers and laugh their hearts out. This is a one of a kind experience for all those making their first visit to this place. Alcohol is your best friend at nightlife venues.

Apart from nightlife junctions, the hotel is also closely located to famous beaches where you can lie under the sun and get yourself a stunning tan appearance. You can also enjoy a movie with your beloved in open-air. You can hire a car on rent from the hotel, at very minimal rates and have a great day out.

One can also get involved in trekking on the hilly alleys and have an adventurous time at Andros Greece. All these attractions are enough to lure people to this magnificent tourist spot in great numbers, during the peak seasons, when the Blue Bay Village Hotel remains functional and renders with all the luxurious facilities to its guests.

Bella Vista Villa Andros (Batsi)
Bella Vista Villa Andros (Batsi)

Andros Holiday Packages

If you want to find the best deals and packages for your stay at the Andros Island, the easiest way is to contact the Andrina Travel Agency in Batsi of Andros. Andrina will provide you with details about all the hotels, villas, apartments and studios, along with some discounts and package deals. The package deals will include a discounted staying option in any of the Andros hotels, as well as some tickets for a thrilling boat ride. Some packages come with a rental car, which can be used by the tourists during their course of stay at the hotel.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      hey!!! thanks for the information! (I didn't know that there is another island named Andros than this one in Bahamas...) Andros island in Greece looks a nice place for summer vacations.