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Why do Thai people charge English people more than their own people?

When it Thailand it is very obvious that there is one price for the Thai people, and a hugely inflated price for the same things charged to English people (farangs). This seems incredibly unfair when they make no secret of the fact they will charge treble the price (or more) to a non local immediately after charging the lower price to a Thai person. If you question this they get incredibly angry because they 'lose face' if caught out. Why is this okay to them, and should the Thai government not step in and stop this before it begins to impact on their tourist industry?


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Borsia says

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4 years ago
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    Cindy Lawson (mistyhorizon2003) 4 years ago

    Unfortunately it even happens to English people who live there and are married to Thai people too (as my friend was), often it is things like petrol, taxis, groceries they overcharge for, not touristy things alone. It seems worse than other places.

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