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Antiparos Greece - A Small and Pure Cycladic Paradise

Updated on September 10, 2014

Why Summer Holidays in Greece?

Summer holidays in Greece is probably one of the best travel experiences you may have. Greece is a country blessed by nature and situated on an extremely strategic position that actually connects three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia.

Therefore, because of its unique geographical position offers to its visitors aspects of all three continent creating in this way a unique âamalgamâ of culture, weather conditions and landscapes. Depending on which part of Greece you are visiting, you may feel like being sometimes in an exotic destination, other times in a sub saharian, other times in Alpic. The unique experiences are never ending and this is exactly the magic of Greece, regardless of the season you prefer to visit it. Nevertheless, the best season is summer during which you should visit a Greek island, one of the hundreds that are formed within the Aegean Sea.

In this article, i am going to write about a small, fortunately not that mainstream and over crowded Cycladic island. Antiparos Greece can be found on the southern side of the Aegean almost in the heart of the Cyclades just next to Paros. The title is exactly what Antiparos Greece is all about; a small and pure Cycladic paradise! Also information about what kind of accommodation services do Antiparos hotels provide to their guests and why you should choose to check in to Artemis Hotel Antiparos!

Artemis Hotel - Your best accommodation choice among the Antiparos Hotels

Artemis Hotel Antiparos
Artemis Hotel Antiparos

One of the best Antiparos hotels to check in to is Artemis Hotel Antiparos. 30 spacious, fully equipped and renovated rooms, apartments and studios to let await you to decide which best suits your needs, since they can accommodate 2-6 people accordingly. Artemis Hotel is also situated very close to various points of interest. The port of Antiparos is just 500m, the beautiful Agios Spyridonas beach 400m, and a supermarket just 400m. Above all these, Artemis Hotel is a great budget accommodation choice, since the rates there, during the peak of high summer season, are smaller than those you will have to pay at other Cycladic islands.

Antiparos Greece - The island where the traditional co-exists harmonically with the natural!

Antiparos Greece
Antiparos Greece

Antiparos Greece is a tiny satellite-island of Paros which has turned into a stylish and well-hidden Cycladic ‘jewel’. Its most charming element is that it combines ideally in a small piece of land probably the most charming aspects of the what is being characterized as the Greek summer experience. This in few words could be described as diving in crystal clear azure waters, scents and tastes of Greek traditional cuisine, wondering around archetypal and picturesque narrow cobblestoned pavements surrounded by white brushed houses with various flower pots in their entrances that are a great bright colourful contrast to the white and blue that are the dominant colours of Antiparos Greece.

If you are looking for large luxurious hotel complexes, then the Antiparos hotels will certainly disappoint you. Most of Antiparos hotels are small building mostly two storey ones, family orientated, run by locals who are well known for their warm hospitality and direct interaction with their guests. From the very first time you will check, you will more like at home rather than at a hotel. Simple people, but yet pure in their attitude and feelings that will try their best to make your stay an experience to remember rather than just rip you off economically. No wonder why most of the people staying at Antiparos hotels and discovering the secret beauties of the island return soon.

Antiparos Greece - A Cycladic Paradise with sanded beaches!

Antiparos Greece. Pure and isolated beaches
Antiparos Greece. Pure and isolated beaches

If you are looking for summer holidays where you can enjoy the pure essence of Greek summer, then Antiparos Greece is your ideal destination. Gold sanded beaches, isolated coves and peninsulas that form windfree little spots create a serene and naturally blessed complex of landscapes that will make your summer holidays in Antiparos Greece a totally refreshing and chilled out experience.

There are plenty of beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear waters, without them being over crowded with noisy tourists. Some of the best beaches on the island are : Livadia, Monastiria, Glyfa, Panagia, Theologos, and Agios Spyridonas. On the other hand, if you prefer to swim totally naked, then the second Psaraliki beach is ideal for you, since it is characterized as a nudist beach. This is what we call a real return to nature! Just keep in mind that most of the Antiparos Greece beaches are not organized, therefore do not forget to take cooler bags that will keep some bottles of water chilled, because the greek summer is famous for its high temperatures. Also essential things to take with you are : sunscreen, sunglasses, hat.

Antiparos Greece is also famous for its many traditional taverns next to the sea. If you expect to find exquisite 5* dishes, then you are at the wrong place. Here, you will find simple, but yet tastefully made dishes that their recipes have been formed through the centuries and are made of the purest local ingredients. After sunset you will find some hidden, but with distinctive identities, small cafes and bars where you may meet up with some very interesting people who share the same love for nature and simple pleasures, just like you.

How to access the island from Paros

Antiparos Greece. Ferries connecting the island with Paros daily
Antiparos Greece. Ferries connecting the island with Paros daily

From the Port of Paroikia, Paros : 30 minute service routes daily (10.40 , 12.10, 16.30, 19.30 with the ferries ‘Alexandros’ and ‘Hermes’.

From the Port of Pounta, Paros : 5 minute service routes daily with small ferries every half an hour from 07.15 until 00.30. Rate : €1 / person and €3 / car.

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