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A tram ride

Updated on September 9, 2014

A tram ride through the Devon scenery

On a lovely sunny Saturday in June, a party from my church circuit took a ride on a tram from Seaton to Colyton up the Axe estuary. Here I share the adventure with you. It was a superb trip on a superb day and much enjoyed by all the age groups involved, from 8 to 80.

All the photos in this hub are mine.

The ticket office at Seaton

We were booked in as a party so didn't need to go to the ticket office.

We arrive

We all arrived at Seaton in cars. It was a beautiful day, sunny and hot but there was a cool breeze also. Everyone arrived early so there was no panic. Soon our tram arrived and we boarded. We were mostly OAPs but we had three children with us and a lad of 15. We had to wait for another tram to come into the terminus, a blue one.

Then we were off. The seats were wooden and slatted. We all sat on the open, top deck. We all applied plenty of sunscreen. I was poised camera at the ready, after all here was another chance to make a lens.

The blue tram

The track is only double at certain points so we had to wait for this tram to come through before we could begin our journey to Colyton.

Looking towards Dowlands Cliffs

Seaton is on the edge of the Jurassic coastline. A good place from which to explore this area.

The Axe estuary from the tram

Notice the electric cable which powers the tram. Lovely fluffy white clouds in the distance.It was a peaceful ride with a light breeze. Perfect.

The other side of the track, away from the river

Sheep were contently grazing in the fields.

The birds come into sight

This area is a reservation for the wildlife. There are reedbeds for them to shelter in.

These are mostly seagulls

There were also heron and little egrets but they seem to have evaded my camera.Something has to be left to the imagination. The tide was low.

The general scenery on the other side of the river.

More reed beds in view with farm land behind and a few dwellings in sight.

Video of various trams

Colyford is one of the places the Seaton tram passes through. It is featured in this clip.

This looks like a painting

The beginnings

In 1965 a man called Dr Beeching decided to "rationalize" the railways in Britain. Consequently many little side lines in picturesqe places were axed. One of these was the line from Seaton to Seaton Junction. Claude Lane who operated trams in Eastbourne heard of this closure and bought the line from the railway in 1966. At first the trams were battery operated from batteries towed in a wagon behind them. Later came the overhead electric cables. Unfortunately Claude Lane had a heart attack and died before seeing the trams in operation. In September 1973 the first tram to operate with the overhead cable ran. The tram has given pleasure to many through the years.

Crossing the road

There were problems here with a flash flood during the 70's which washed away the track.

Trams in Switzerland

Dutch elm disease is still a problem

There was a hedge full of these dead trees.

A feast of varying shades of green along the track

The station at Colyton

The church is quite an unusual design.

Pretty, thatched cottages

Just time for an ice cream in the town before returning to the station for a cream tea. After all we are Methodist's and we love our food.

Back at the station and the tram

All stations in Britain used to have gardens like this.

A hanging basket at the station

Just outside the restaurant where we had a cup of tea and two scones with jam and cream. In our part of the world there is always a debate as to whether you should put the cream on first or the jam.

On the return journey

The speed of the tram blurs the image of the birds. You can see the tide is coming in.

And so to the beach - The beach and fish and chips to keep all ages happy

One little lad found the sea irressistable and had to be given dry clothes which his resourceful Nan had brought. We sat viewing the sea and eating our fish and chips. We had all had a thoroughly good time.

We all enjoyed our ride on the tram

Little did we know that the day of the tram ride was one of the best weather wise we would see all summer. After that the grey days and the wet days came, so it was nice to think back to the pleasant afternoon we spent riding the tram in the sunny weather as we expect summer to be giving us.

Did you enjoy the ride? - What lovely weather we had

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    • randomthings lm profile image

      randomthings lm 

      6 years ago

      Love trams!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Looks like a wonderful little trip with beautiful scenery all the way.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a wonderful experience, thanks for taking me along! I just love your pictures and presentation!

    • thesuccess2 profile image


      8 years ago

      Been on it many years ago!

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I started writing some lenses explaining how to book train tickets on various European web sites. Then I thought it would be a good idea to join a Group that was interested in train travel.

      Then I found out that Groups were no more, they were in fact ex-groups, just lenses now.

      So I've made something for myself. Train Travel Compound Lens

      A compound lens is lots of little lenses that are grouped together to work as a single lens. Science teacher joke, sorry.

      I've tried to keep it simple, and am still relearning my HTML skills to make it a prettier.

      Since you have a lens that includes something about travelling by rail, I know it's a tram in your case, but we're neighbours, I'm in Teignmouth, so I thought I'd say hello anyway, I hope you will take the time to have a look at my work and perhaps join the group (with a small g) for mutual benefit.

      Comments are welcome, either at the Train Travel Forum, someone has to be first, or direct to me.

      Best wishes,

      Ian. aka Pan_narrans

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      That cottage is so pretty~ nice little trip, thanks :)


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