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Riding the ATV in Legazpi, Albay to Mayon's Lava Front

Updated on December 26, 2016
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Renz may not be travel junkie, but he is very eager to share places he visited and adventures he experienced all for the love of traveling!

Experience the ATV Fun in Legazpi as you travel your way to the base of the Mayon Volcano!
Experience the ATV Fun in Legazpi as you travel your way to the base of the Mayon Volcano! | Source

The ATV Adventure in Legazpi

One of the top activities chosen by tourists, both local and foreign, in Legazpi is the outdoor adventure through an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Besides enjoying the ATV ride itself, you will be immersed with the natural and beautiful sights Legazpi has to offer, which definitely includes the famous Mayon Volcano.

Trivia: When Zac Efron visited the Philippines in 2012, he also tried this fantastic outdoor activity. I'm supposed to put some photos of him riding an ATV here, but all the photos are restricted. You may check, however, this link to see one of the photos in Just Jared.

Three Known Places to Rent ATVs

There are three prominent ATV rental stores in Legazpi. The first one can be found in Lignon Hill. The second one is in Cagsawa Ruins. The third one is in Barangay Pawa with the store name Your Brother Travel & Tours.

You may find below the rates offered by Your Brother Travel & Tours.

ATV Rates and Destination

Trails and Destination
350cc Double
Mayon ATV Challenge (45 min. Trail Ride)
Php 599
Php 799
Php 1,200
Mayon to Base Camp (2hrs mix adventure)
Php 1,800
Php 2,500
Php 3,500
Mayon Advance Trail (3hrs ATV tour)
Php 2,000
Php 3,000
Php 3,800
Mayon ATV Summit (4hrs halfway to Mayon)
Php 6,500
Php 7,500
See for the complete official rates and destinations

What are you willing to take for the ATV adventure?

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The hubber in his ATV with his friends!
The hubber in his ATV with his friends! | Source

Price Negotiability of ATV Rides

We took the second option which is the Mayon to Base Camp for 2 hours (150cc). Initially, the offered price was at Php1,800, but since we were 12 in the group, we were given a hefty discount of Php800. Hence, you may still want to bargain for a lower price if you can.

Let's stop for a while and take a look at the poll on the right. Feel free to participate.

Start the Engine - Start the Fun

After signing off some waivers and listening to a brief orientation, we were sent off to choose our ATVs. Afterwards, we were given some final instructions before we rolled off.

Riding the ATV towards the Lava Front of Mt. Mayon
Riding the ATV towards the Lava Front of Mt. Mayon | Source

Friendly Tips

You may want to wear your flip-flops when you ride the ATV because it is very likely that your footwear will get wet when you cross the watery and muddy parts.

You may also need to bring your sunglasses to protect you from the sunlight as well as the dusts.

ATV on a Rocky Road

There will be times when the chains of your ATV will loosen up, but don't worry because there will be persons accompanying you as your ride your way to your chosen destination (depending on what you availed of). Unfortunately, some of the ATVs we were riding weren't repaired immediately, so there were a few among us who needed to "hitch a ride".

Reaching the Lava Front

Hiking the Lava Front of Mayon Volcano
Hiking the Lava Front of Mayon Volcano

Hiking the Lava Front

After reaching the base of the Lava Front, we were asked to get off our ATVs, so we could now hike the lava front up. We didn't now that it was part of the package, but we decided to go for it, since it would be an added experience.

Every effort in climbing it up was all worth it because we were able to see this:

The magnificence of Mount Mayon as viewed on the Lava Front
The magnificence of Mount Mayon as viewed on the Lava Front | Source

Magnificence of Mayon Volcano

Upon reaching the top of the Lava Front, we got a closer view of the famous Mt. Mayon, and to get most of the moment, we were given ample time to get some shots of the astonishing sights. Of course, it was also a picture perfect moment for all of us.

Since everyone was so happy with the first half of ATV ride (the second half is going back, of course), we decided to have a jump shot on top of the Lava Front.

On top of the Lava Front
On top of the Lava Front | Source

For more stories, reviews and interesting things about Legazpi, you may check this out my blog posts about our Legazpi Experience.

ATV Adventure in a Nutshell

Normally, you wouldn't take the same exciting route you had on your way back, especially when they think you'll go beyond the hours you availed of. However, it was okay with us, since most of us were already tired.

Anyway, this practically sums up the ATV Adventure in Legazpi City! Share to us your experience, or your thoughts!

A markerLegazpi -
Legazpi City, Philippines
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Home of the Mayon Volcano which you may reach via an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)!


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