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Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Updated on October 10, 2014

Riding a balloon in Cappadocia

The ancient city of Cappadocia is one of the most phenomenal travel spots in the world. A hot air ballon ride thru the ancient wind and men carved mountains of the city can be truly fantastic. In addition to enjoying a beautiful ballon ride the city also offers a great variety of cultural events and many unique historical and geographical sites dating back to the 6th century. All the unique tourist attractions makes the city of Cappadocia so inviting and intriguing. So weather you would like to take a ride or you are just an observer that enjoys seeing the colorful ballon shapes against this amazing backdrop, please join me on this amazing adventure.

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Last updated: 06/22/14

Info about cappadocia
Info about cappadocia

Information about Cappadocia

Cappadocia is an ancient archeological city located in the central part of the Anatolian region in the country of Turkey. With a unique landscape molded by rain and wind on volcanic rock, the high altitude city offers adventures a great continental climate that allows for many activities including ballooning. The fastest way to get to Cappadocia is by plane as there are two main airports in the city, Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) and Istanbul Atatrk Airport (IST) offering national and international flights on a daily basis. In addition a bus or a train ride can also be a nice way to appreciate the Turkish scenery.

A Beautiful Balloon Ride

Cappadoccia is truly one of the most gorgeous sceneries and with perfect wind conditions for ballooning.
Cappadoccia is truly one of the most gorgeous sceneries and with perfect wind conditions for ballooning.
Safety first
Safety first

Balloon Safety for Riders

If you are planning a balloon ride it is important that you learn all the safety measures for riding a balloon. Here are few precautions that you MUST take.

1. A certified pilot. Make sure that the pilot that you are riding with has a valid balloon license.

2. You must attend a pre-flight lesson where you will learn all the safety measures necessary to ride the balloon. Be attentive and take notes if necessary. If you are in a diferent country make sure that your instructor speaks your language or have a translator so you can understand every detail. On flight follow all the instructions learn on the pre-flight class.

3. Make sure that the balloon company that you are riding with has all the necessary equipement for a safe flight.

4. Once you arrive on the site do not smoke.

5. Make sure that your health is in good shape.

6. Do not place your hands outside of the basket. Your full body must be inside the basket at all times.

7. Keep both feet on the floor for the full ride.

8. During the flight make sure that you follow all the instruction given to you by the pilot. If a forced landing or any other problems occur you must be prepared to follow all the instructions without any hesitation.

By following all the safety rules you will ensure that your balloon ride is a very pleasant experience.

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Balloon Ride in Cappadocia Video

Links to Hot Air Balloon Rentals in Capaddocia

If you want to reserve your Balloon ride in advance you can do it so from home and guarantee your stop in advance. If you traveling during spring or summer it is recommended that you reserve your Balloon ride ahead of time since the city gets crowded with tourist, the sky crowded with balloons and prices can rise.

Cappadocia in the Map

A markerCappadocia, Turkey -
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