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Banana Disco, The Longest Running Nightclub In Phuket Thailand

Updated on August 8, 2011
Banana Logo
Banana Logo

Banana Disco
When I arrived in Phuket in the summer of 2000, Banana Disco was one of only 2 nightclubs in Phuket. The Tiger entertainment complex had not yet been completed, and Taipan and VIP were the only other places in town. Vip and Taipan were quite popular, but they were not real nightclubs. The two top spots were Banana Disco, and The Shark Club. Banana Disco is still around, and it has not changed much over the years. The Shark Club was more popular than Banana, however The Shark was closed in 2002. While the Shark Club was quite popular with single male and female tourists, Banana Disco had captured a niche market of western couples, that were looking to stay away from the bars and clubs on Bangla Road.

There was, and still is no shortage of freelance bar girls working the scene at Banana Disco, however they are far more discreet than they were at some of the beer bars. Banana Disco is still one of the most popular nightclubs in Phuket, and it has stood the test of time, as it is also the longest running nightclub in Patong Beach. Today most couples looking to go out and enjoy the nightlife and dancing will choose Banana Disco over rivals Hollywood and Seduction.

Banana Disco is located right on Patong Beach, just a stone throw away from the sand on the beach road. The nightclub is at the front of the entrance to the Patong Resort Hotel, just a two minute walk from Bangla Road. The nightclub is upstairs, with a lounge and bar with live entertainment on the ground floor. They often have an Elvis impersonator doing shows in front of the downstairs lounge, this is very popular with tourists. Due to the location of the disco, the crowd at Banana Disco tends to be a little more sophisticated than those who frequent the bars on Bangla Road.

My Experience

I have spent many evenings drinking and dancing at Banana Disco, and I have had some incredible nights there. I found that the girls that would hang out in Banana would speak better English than those that I would meet at The Shark Club and other bars in town. I also found that many single professional Thai women would go to Banana with an open mind about hooking up with foreigners, as the place was not known as a hangout for bar girls. The bar girls that used to hang around Banana Disco spent a great deal of time trying to cover up the fact that they were bar girls. This was great for guys who wanted to meet Thai girls, but did not want to hire a prostitute. It has been a few years since I have been to Banana, however my friends assure me that not much has changed.


Filmed Live At Banana


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