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Bare Boating BVI

Updated on September 16, 2014

Sailing the BVI a work in progress


By A. Quintin Smith

The limo arrived in the dark a.m.

It had a driver and inside was our friends.

Among Champaign and strawberries

We heard of the goat

We laughed and we toasted

On the way to the boat

The plane rose high as did the sun

We traveled all day looking for fun

That night, exhausted we dined and we sleep

In anticipation of the fore coming week

It was cold in the Moorings

But we were Footloose and more

So just before breakfast we walk to the store

We listened to an angel espouse about God

We ate and returned, it was time to board Bob

Dingy into the island and back out again.

We boarded the boat, pick rooms and stowed gear

Someone wondered allowed when will our captain be here?

Arrive he did the salt of the sea

Sir Lawrence Potter, his presence was key

He worked with silence as many questions we asked

He smiled and he showed us how to do many task

The main sail came up and then came the jib

The girls got the giggles and we all felt like kids

Norman came first the isle of the Bight

I tipped out of the dingy and said that's not right

Carribean music is so relaxing

Why Cruise when you can have your own boat for the week. - More islands for the money

We snorkeled the caves and called it a day

All had dinner at pirates and a walk up the hill

We told each of our stories and became closer still

The talk became funny as we spoke of Wiley T's

It's okay hunny, have a drink and take your shirt off please

Get your sunscreen here.

Don't forget the essentials: swim suit, sun screen and sun glasses

Sailing is better with friends.

We slept; we awoke day two under way

Jost Van Dyke next and then Sandy Cay

A picture made perfect drawn in sand that day

That night was at Foxy's, where they sign on the wall

The music the ocean, we were having a ball.

The morning came soon we were up with the sun,

Never before had I had this much fun.

Need a pain killer? - Official trip log by my friend Brian

Took off from Road Town around 1pm. trimmed the main sail and let out jib. We sailed! It was very relaxing. We got to know our captain Lawrence Potter. His dream was to buy a cargo boat. A trip to RI was cancelled. He likes BBQ.

Stopped at the Caves and snorkeled. Steph had mask/fin issues and was claustrophobic in the cave. Saw a crab in a cave. I dove 35' to recover Andy's mask/snorkel.

We sailed to the Bight and went by Willie T's, a pirate ship anchored in the harbor which was famous for giving T-shirts to women that jumped ship topless. Our girls were not interested.

We ate at Pirates Cove. Andy and I walked up to the ridge of the island. It took about 15 minutes. Saw quite a few hermit crabs and lizards.

4/27/06: Eustasia Island tour:

Woke up late. Had woken up early to watch the sunrise and went back to sleep. I was feeling groggy.

I took dinghy around Eustasia Island. Hit rocks twice. Beached on the south side and saw a bunch of turtle grass and some conch shells and white balloon shaped shells. Saw some turtles around the boat.

Took a nap...still tired from last night.

Visit the Soggy Dollar

WE had our first 'painkiller' at the Soggy Dollar bar, Had lunch there, and played Tree ring rope. I wanted to build one at home (and did). I tried to ring it for 30 tries and missed. Andy got it on his 3rd try.

We sat on the beach. I thought I saw a turtle from the beach and dove after it. I opened my eyes under water and it felt better than in a pool.

Andy fell from the boat trying to do a Marine landing.

Island towns that reach out to you

4/23/06: Bight to White Bay - Jost Van Dyke

We boated to east end and snorkeled for an hour. We learned to pop ears when diving.

We sailed from Norman Island to Jost Van Dyke, Took about 2-3 hours. Saw some fish, Ended in White Bay.

From White Bay, went to Great Harbor. I smoked a Cuban Cigar. We walked the city from end to end, and went to Foxy's. It was cool, but Foxy was not performing that night. We ate burgers.

WE Played cards on the boat with Smith's. Egyptian Rat Screw, Wheel, and 4-14. Andy was recovering from surgery on his thumb and Egyptian Rat Screw requires banging the table. He hurt his hand a few times.

Don't know about sailing, then start here


The Bitter End

4/24/06: Great Harbor to Sandy Cay to Cane Garden Bay

In the am, took dinghy to shore to buy supplies. A case of Heineken bottles for $29 and a bottle of Malibu Rum for $12.

We boated to Sandy Cay an uninhabited island. Swam to shore and walked a trail into the island and then around the island. Saw FDNY boaters.

We boated to Sandy Spit another uninhabited island. I swam to shore, cut my hand on a rock. I walked around entire island. It had a lone palm tree on south side and big waves on one side.

We boated to Cane Garden Bay and tied to mooring. They forgot to collect payment.

We took Captain Lawrence to shore and he stayed with his family that night.

We toured rum distillery, and Met Francisco who gave the tour. He rapped a song and talked about school in Boston. His Uncle produces records.

Played catch with a football with 4 kids. Saw outdoor basketball court. Francisco plays basketball and baseball.

Then we went to Happy Hour at Mayette's and had smoked herring.

We talked with cabbie about Full Moon Party and the Mushroom tea. No parties tonight, but he could 'hook us up' with Mushroom tea.

We ate dinner on boat, drank too much beer and broke a trampoline string.

4/25/06: Cane Garden Bay to Marina Cay:

We did a 2-3 hour sail today upwind so we had to tack. Steph got seasick. Lawrence had her soak her feet in a bucket. I wasn't able to help. After about 3 hours, she ended up being ok.

We stopped at Monkey point to snorkel. It was cloudy.

Stopped at Marina Cay and had good snorkeling. It was very clear with lots of fish. Saw a turtle and sting ray. I touched the turtle, and before going ashore, had older neighbors going skinny dipping. Not much to get excited about. We had Happy Hour with a piano guy. He played 'Going to Kansas City'. The skinny dippers were there and Steph got us all dancing and talking with them. We walked to the top of the hill. Stood on the top of a high rock and could see all around the island including Bob the Boat. We ate dinner at Pusser's.

4/26/06: Marina Cay to George Dog to Bitter End/Saba Rock

Stopped at George Dog and had excellent snorkeling. Saw a fish that was as long as me. We swam around a point to a beach on the other side of the island. Beach had shells and crabs. Andy stepped on a cactus. I think that was the 2nd accident?

We boated to Bitter End. Saw starfish along the way on the bottom of the channel.

At Bitter End we walked around. There was a shark enclosure with a nurse shark. They had lobster and sharks in another tank. We ate at Saba Rock on a good buffet. Andy treated us to Port and a Cigar. We played shuffle board. Smith's ruled on that front.

Luxury Living

4/27/06: The Baths and then to Cooper Island - Manchoonell Bay:

Boated to the Baths. Wow! Very cool scenery. I ate a Power Bar before lunch and that made me feel better. We hiked around the boulders. We took a trail down and around the end of the island and back up the hill, then back down to Devil's beach. Boulders were huge and stacked on top of each other to allow some small pathways.

Then we went to Spanish Town. Saw a market and some shops. We bought a case of Beck's bottles for $24.

We boated to Cooper Island. Looked like the island was chopped off on top and painted the rock green.

We stayed on a personal mooring for the night. We had lasagna and wine and cheese cake for dinner. We watched sunset over Road Town. Could see St Thomas and as it got dark, St Thomas lit up while the other islands looked dark.

Saw Barracudas and UFO fish that lit up like fire flies.

Spend the day on a secluded beach

4/28/06: Rhone Marine Park

Snorkeled around sunken ship called the RMS Rhone. It was an old mail ship. Saw a turtle. I dove down to see it. Diving is wearing me out. The beer doesn't help. I will generally come back from snorkeling and have a beer or two.

Peter Island - Dead Man's Bay. I'm tired and ready for a shower. Don't know why I avoided doing that until now. It was very refreshing. Took a nap on Cooper Island in the am, rested most of the afternoon, had cocktails, beer, and dinner on the boat and then watched the stars on the trampoline. Stars were bright and plentiful. Was very relaxing to hear the waves and watch the stars. It was very cool.

Clear blue water just right for diving in.

4/29/06: packing and back to Road Town

Boated to Road Town. We were all quiet. I think we all didn't want the trip to end. Found out that the toilet was clogged and we couldn't fix it. We each tipped Lawrence. Found a Cuban Cigar to smoke tonight.

Checked into hotel, showered, and watch the NFL draft. We went to Road Town by cab. Shopped @ Cruise shops and went to Pussers. We had some Grogs. Ate at a local 'greasy spoon' and talked with a local lady that was eating with her sons.

Took cab back to hotel and smoked cigars with Andy. We had a cognac. Had fun talking with the wait staff and some English teachers that lived on the island.

What a great trip! Need to do this again in 5 years if not sooner!!!

Enjoy Beautiful Sunsets

Find new and undiscovered places

Palms and Sand

The Big Fish won't get away.

Hike the islands

Another sunrise

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This place is really beautiful! I really love how peaceful it looks. Thanks for sharing this with us!

      Resort Members Association

    • Sana139 profile image


      7 years ago

      Oh! it was a virtual visit of the place.


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