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Barmah, a country town in Victoria

Updated on June 24, 2014

Gateway to the State Forest

Barmah is a tiny little town on the Murray River and right on the edge of the breathtaking Barmah State Forest. You'll find the world's largest stand of River Red Gum here, some of the trees are over 400 years old

The population of Barmah is about 300 but that swells in the holiday season. I can't wait to get back to stay in the Barmah Caravan Park, now that the floods have rejuvenated the river.

Caravan Park Photos

Flood Recovery

Since July 2010, significant flooding has inundated the Barmah National Park, causing damage to roads, campgrounds and popular visitor sites. Many areas of the National Park and Regional Park are closed.

But the wetlands are looking spectacular!,

There's limited vehicle access to the National Park, but walkers, horses and boating are welcomed. Visitors are strongly advised to check access and conditions ahead of travel because some places are still under water over a year later.

River Red Gums

Red Gums along the Murray : wikimedia commons

Photo taken along the Murray, a short distance from the Barmah State Forest,. Every tree you can see is a red gum

Barmah in the drought

A small tourist boat, MV Kingfisher, operates from the lake, offering cruises of about two hours in duration.

Barmah State Forest

Barmah State Forest (29 500 ha) is on the floodplains of the Murray River and has a World Heritage listing. It's a major flightpath for migratory birds and also an important breeding ground for waterbirds.

In winter the area usually floods creating a wetland biosphere which becomes a breeding ground for the 206 species of birds in the forest.

Barmah after the Floods

Yorta Yorta Nation

Barmah State Forest lies within the traditional territory of the Yorta Yorta peoplle who have occupied this land for thousands of years.

Their lifestyle and culture was based on hunting, fishing and collecting food from the variety of food sources provided by the ancestral lands.

As river based people, fishing from the rich network of rivers, lagoons, creeks, and wetlands brought in the main food.

The now irregular floods that occur in this region are regarded by Yorta Yorta people as necessary for the replenishment of the natural food sources and for the survival of the forest-wetlands for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Europeans only arrived here in the 1870s.

Yorta Yorta fisherman from Oncountry Learning, Yorta Yorta Wetlands

Where is Barmah?

A markerBarmah VIC 3639, Australia -
Barmah VIC 3639, Australia
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Lovable Little Country Towns
Lovable Little Country Towns

Lovable Country Towns in Victoria

I've always wanted to live in a little country town on Victoria.

As a child I dreamed of large red gums to climb, the bush to explore and my own pony in a paddock. Now I imagine an acre of organic vegetables and a dam stocked with yabbies.

How about you?

Do you like the Wetlands?

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