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Be Safe, Be Seen on the Roads this Winter

Updated on January 31, 2015

Bike Lights and Spoke Lights could Save Your Life on Dismal Days and Dark Nights

Cycling is a healthy and efficient way of travelling. But, cold, dismal days and dark nights can make cycling a dangerous activity. Being a car driver and a cyclist I'm very much aware that cyclists risk their lives on the road every dark night.

How? They are simply invisible. So, this page is about spoke lights - these are great little devices to help you stay alive!

Of course, some people will always take precautions, keeping their bicycle maintained, using good quality bicycle accessories such as front and rear bicycle lights, wearing a cycle helmet and, maybe even, wearing some reflective clothing. Some responsible parents will take these same precautions to ensure their children's safety on bikes.

Here I will show you some great little bike spoke lights and reflectors that can help you, or your child, be seen from the side.

This fun pictogram of a cyclist is by Simon Eugster, and is in the public domain.

Amazing MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights

Monkey Light LED Wheel Lights - Visibility combined with fun!

The colourful, ultra-bright LED lights are designed for daily use, and are waterproof. The light patterns can be seen from both sides of the bike, and at a wide angle. They have two brightness settings : bright and very bright.

The 10 LED version has 19 themes and gives hundreds of combinations of the 16 colours. 3 AA batteries will give up to 40 hours of light. The 32 LED version has 42 themes - more LEDs means a shorter battery-life, but you could still get up to 20 hours on 3 AA batteries. The systems can be used with rechargeable batteries. The batteries are hub-mounted, so they won't interfere with the balance of the wheel. A super cool birthday, Christmas or 'anytime' gift!

Monkey Light M232 - 200 Lumen - Bike Wheel Light - 32 Full Color LED - Waterproof
Monkey Light M232 - 200 Lumen - Bike Wheel Light - 32 Full Color LED - Waterproof

With 32 full color, ultra-bright LEDs, you have 42 themes and hundreds of color combinations. The system is designed for daily use -rugged and waterproof

Monkey Light M210 - 80 Lumen Bike Light - 360° Visibility - Wheel & Spoke Light
Monkey Light M210 - 80 Lumen Bike Light - 360° Visibility - Wheel & Spoke Light

You have 360 degree visibility with 10 bright LEDS showing 19 themes and 16 colors.


Rimfire Bicycle Lighting System

A great new ultra-bright bike lighting system that will fit any spoke wheel, and can significantly increase your visibility to motorists. The system uses bright, green, red and blue LED lights. There are 9 modes of light sequencing that can be seen at a good distance, allowing motorists plenty of time to see you. Another very cool birthday or Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life!

Rimfire Lighting System Power Hub
Rimfire Lighting System Power Hub

Simple to install - you just need a screwdriver. The power hub needs 3 AA batteries.


Nite Ize See 'Em LED Spoke Lights

Nite Ize See'Ems are made of tough molded plastic, and clip on to oval, round or flat bike spokes, with stainless steel clips, so they can be repositioned easily. They have bright, and long-lasting LED lights, in green, amber or red. Simply twist to turn them on or off.

Nite Ize LED Spoke Light

These LED lights are simple to attach to your bike spokes, and will give you confidence that you are much more visible on dark roads. They are not expensive, so some cyclists attach a couple to each wheel. They are available in green, red, blue, amber and the multi-coloured "Disc-O". Some people think that the blue light is less visible but, if you like blue, it could be used in combination with one of the other brighter colours.

The lights use 2 CR2016 batteries. These last well, and are available from Amazon in bulk discount packs of 25 batteries.

Nite Ize Spokelit LED Bicycle Spoke Light for Bike Wheels, Disc-O
Nite Ize Spokelit LED Bicycle Spoke Light for Bike Wheels, Disc-O

These spoke lights are easy to attach by pressing onto the spokes, and then sliding out towards the rim. They are available in four efficient LED colors, and can be used in two modes to give a steady glow or, if you prefer, a continuous flashing light.


Tireflys Wheel Lights

Tireflys produce cool spoke lights and valve lights in fun shapes to increase visibility at night. These little gadget provide safety and fun all year round. Personally, I like the butterfly and skull Tirefly lights; for a wider range of bike and skateboard safety lights, click here.

Tireflys Butterfly Flashing Bicycle Spoke Light - Pink and Yellow
Tireflys Butterfly Flashing Bicycle Spoke Light - Pink and Yellow

Fun pink and yellow butterfly shaped tire lights that increase your safety, by increasing visibility at night. They are motion-activated, and use replaceable alkaline batteries.

Tireflys UV Green Skull Valve Stem Light
Tireflys UV Green Skull Valve Stem Light

Cool green skulls that light up when your wheel moves and improve night-time visibility for cyclists. Fit to valve stems, and can be attached and detached easily.


Which Are The Best Wheel Lights?

The spoke and wheel light systems I have chosen vary in price and complexity. Of course, different products will appeal to different people. It would be good to have your opinion on these systems!

Which of these bicycle wheel lighting systems do you prefer?

See results

The Most Important Thing

Be seen, and be safe on the roads this winter!

Cycle Helmets

Don't risk your life or your brain power. A cycle helmet can save your life if you are thrown off your bike!

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet (Adult)
Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet (Adult)

An adult helmet with a Dual Fit adjustable design and easy to adjust webbing giving a secure, comfortable fit. There are 21 vents to increase air flow and keep you cool!


Duel Debate Module

Should more people cycle to work, college or school?

Cycling is very popular in university cities, like Oxford and Cambridge, in the UK, but it can be the cause of heated debates. It would be interesting to hear your views, and any suggestions you have on bicycle safety.

Do you have views on cycling or cycle issues? - Are you a cyclist? A pedestrian? A motorist? All off these...

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    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 4 years ago

      @SusannaDuffy: In our village, they have "traffic calming measures" on the roads. Mostly these are highly dangerous, narrowing the roads, annoying motorists and forcing cyclists OUT of the cycle lanes into the traffic. The prize goes to the combined cycle lane/bus stopping bays (on both sides of the road) that cut the traffic to one lane each way!

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 4 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I'm sure the heated debates are instigated by motorists. Where I live, more money is spent on roads than on public transport and new roads have NO provision for cyclists, much less pedestrians. When you ride a bike, everything is weighed against you so the more safety measures, like lights, the better