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Portland's Greenery & Beautiful Scenery

Updated on April 26, 2016
One of the many attractions found in Forest Park
One of the many attractions found in Forest Park

Portland’s Most Breathtaking Scenery

Thanks to the versatile four seasons, Portland, Oregon is a utopia full of rich nature and spectacular views. Greenery is spread across acres of meadows and climbs up hilly lands often reaching the peaks of mountains. Gardens as well as waterfalls and trails are scattered throughout the four quadrants. And, as with any abundance of land, recreational opportunities are more than welcomed. So grab your skiis, bikes, and running shoes, and read on to find your next destination.

1. Portland’s Forest Park has 70 miles worth of trails. Whether you’re walking, biking, or taking a run, Portland’ mossy woods and tall fir trees welcome a peaceful setting just outside the city.

Mount Hood Portland, OR
Mount Hood Portland, OR

3. Spring flowers are blooming all over Portland, and what better place to see them then Tyron Creek, Oregon’s only state park within a major metropolitan area. Tyron Creek is known for it’s abundance of Trilliums, and even has a festival named after the beautiful white flower.

Photogenic Tree found at Tyron Creek
Photogenic Tree found at Tyron Creek

2. Mount Hood has something for everyone all year round. While snowboarders and skiers appreciate the 11,000 square foot snowy mountain for having the longest ski season, other’s appreciate icy views, deep forests, iridescent lakes. Wildflower’s blossom in spring and fruit are produced along the valleys and meadows in the fall.

Multnomah Falls Portland, OR
Multnomah Falls Portland, OR

4. Multnomah Falls is a true slice of serenity. It historical waterfall is located on the Oregon side of the Columbian Gorge. It is the tallest fall in the state of Oregon which makes it a popular attraction.

Multnomah Falls Bendon Footbridge
Multnomah Falls Bendon Footbridge

5. Following Multnomah Falls, a walking trail leads to Benson Footbridge. The 45-foot long footbridge allows visitors to cross 105 feet above the lower cascade. The trail provides a platform at the top of the upper falls which has a birds eye view of the Columbia Gorge and "Little Multnomah”..

Well there you have it, five wonderful scenes of Oregon. From waterfalls and trails to mountains and flowers, it’s hard to resist adventuring around this beautiful place on earth.

Portland Future Visitors

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    • Scott Gese profile image

      Scott Gese 6 weeks ago from Brownsville, Oregon

      A little trivia. The image of the mossy stone building in Forest Park is known as the Witches Castle. In reality, it's a long abandoned restroom building. Nice image.