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Most beautiful sunset in the world in the Hoggar Mountains

Updated on March 21, 2012

What is hoggar and where exactly ?

Hoggar or Ahaggar is a mountain range famous in the far south-east of Algeria in the state of Tamanrasset, which covers an area of ​​450.000 km 2, which extends over the Tropic of Cancer which is separated from the north. Which is about formations volcanic mountain with a long history hitter in the depths of time and murals ancient rock show on it. and became the area of ​​the most beautiful areas in Algeria and the world.
This place known worldwide stunning charm and attractive. Hoggar Mountains are the highest summits in Algeria, the summit Tahat Atakor 3013 m. As well as having one of the most beautiful passages in the world, a passage which Aloskram it can watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset the sun in the world and recognized by UNESCO.
Hoggar is composed mainly of volcanic rock that thing for taking the form of corrosion, which make them full of breathtaking natural scenery, with a sharp increase in the volcanic mountains of frozen magma (basalt magma) and most famous mountains, Mount Assekrem

photos of hoggar

Most beautiful passage and mount in the world

Mount Assekrem away from the city of Tamanrasset to 80 km, is an important destination for tourists and is accessed via way of the sand, and the journey takes three hours, where you see the summit Oskram which rises approximately 2800 m above sea level and temperatures to 12 below zero at times of the year. but on the other hand is a favorite destination for tourists because of the most beautiful sunrise and enjoy the sunset in Algeria and the whole world

Photos Mount assekrem

Drawings carved of Hoggar

Found in the Hoggar drawings carved on the walls dating back to the old man shows his daily activities and there are also drawings indicate that the desert was a rivers and seas, as archaeologists found the remains of skeletons of fish and fishing gear, which confirms the existence of life millions of years ago. In addition to the Tassili n'Ajjer largest museums of the inscriptions and rock drawings in the world recognized by UNESCO.

Photos of Drawings carved Hoggar


Living in the Hoggar Touareg who are near the city of Tamanrasset, and men usually called glaucoma or masked men
Ibalesa in the oasis can be found on the tomb of Tin Henin, a matriarch who was one of the Tuareg in the Hoggar, according to legend.
They are old people govern their lives outdated system of traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors. Tuareg or all Hackler have an old legacy of literature, medical sciences and astronomy in the full understanding Etjolun Saharan using the stars and use in the treatment of diseases with herbs and burn with fire, and surgery if needed.
And possess the people of Hoggar art called music Alomzad that peg women playing on a machine called Alomzad a violin Potter and the one which has a legend talks about the formation of this machine when the tribes were fighting,the women expressed their protest against fight then begin making machine and started playing between the two tribes fighting and when fighters heard the music laid down their arms for the tortured voice machine.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I haven't been there yet, but ill go to see it,thanks for the article

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      wow i'll be there in new year eve


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