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Berlin Germany Family Travel Tips from an Insider

Updated on June 19, 2011

Berlin, Germany Tips for your Family!

Besides all the great attractions like the Brandenburg Gate, Siegesseaule, Reichstag, Museums Island, etc, there are so many wonderful things that you can do with your family! Especially if you have small kids, who will probably get annoyed with all the sightseeing after a while. In this article, I would like to focus on the "Little Tykes" in your family, to make sure that they will also have a wonderful time in Berlin!


So let's talk about Public Transportation in Berlin

Of course, there is the Berlin Welcome Card . This one is great for people who stay in Berlin 5 days or less, and would still like to do the normal sightseeing. You will be able to use all Public Transportation around Berlin, including the U-Bahn, (Underground) S-Bahn(the backbone of Berlin's rapid transport system) and the Bus. The Welcome card also includes discounts for several attractions. The 5 day card costs about 29 Euros per person and is a great value.

If you would like to use the Public Transportation only, you can get something called the Umweltkarte starting at 27.20 Euros (Berlin and surroundings) per person, good for 7 days. Same as the welcome card, U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Bus are included!

Children under the age of six ride the Public Transportation's for free!

So where should you stay?

I have never stayed at a hotel in Berlin. Yes, they are very nice, but they can also be very pricey and are usually booked out for months (unless you make reservations very, very early!)

There are so many apartments you can rent for a great price! That's when the wonderful bus and train system comes in handy also. There is hardly a corner around Berlin, where a bus does not stop. Once you get your tickets, you will also get a map to be able to navigate. It's a pretty easy system!

Check out homeaway vacation-rentals with the arrow below. They usually have good deals for apartments and are reliable.

jacks fun world
jacks fun world

Let's talk about the fun stuff!

Jacks Fun World

Jacks Fun World, an Indoor Playground is located at the Goerzallee in Lichterfelde, Berlin. Lichterfelde lies in the outskirts of town, close to where the Berlin Wall used to be. The Fun World Building is actually part of what used to be the American Mc Near Barracks. The other part of the Barracks were slowly transformed into apartments.Inside the Indoor Playground is Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, mini socker, trampoline, climbing, sliding and more. I took my daughter there and she absolutely had a blast. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took their kids there after Brad's filming and role in the movie "Burn after Reading". There were thousands of debates to the question of:"Where is Brad Pitt and his family, skipping the Berlin Premiere and disappointing millions of fans?" The rumor was, that they had taken the kids to one of the Berlin Indoor Playgrounds, but nobody knew exactly which one. Well, they had rented the whole building of "Jacks Fun World" for themselves and their family. Great taste Brangelina!


What would Berlin be without a great tasting Bratwurst?

You can get the absolute greatest tasting Berlin Bratwurst (and a lot of Insiders will agree with me on this one) in the Schloss Strasse, on the corner of Kieler Str. in Berlin 12163. It is called "Zur Bratpfanne" and it just simply looks like a kiosk. Don't let that fool you though, they will cook up the best tasting Brat's and Curry wurst Berlin has to offer. Even the ketchup is home made! The kids will love it!

There are several great German restaurants in the area. If you would like to try the Traditional German Schnitzel, which is breaded veal, make sure that it does not say Schnitzel Wiener Art on the menu. You will get Pork!

The Schloss Strasse is one of Berlin's main shopping streets. No, you did not do your trip just for Bratwurst! A must see Indoor Shopping Center is "Das Schloss" (The Castle). It was built in a Gothic style which can be compared with department stores of the 1900's .Inside, you will be able to literally see the sky above Berlin through the modern technology of a ceiling projector. Day and night, the clouds and the sun, the deep sea and space seam to come alive on the ceiling of this shopping center! The kids will love to watch and follow the little air balloons, airplanes etc. flying across the sky. It is a wonderful attraction you should not miss! There are also over 60 stores available for shopping, some bakeries and restaurants. A tip for all the mommies, "Orsay" Clothing is great! They have cute women's clothing at affordable prices!

kadewe berlin
kadewe berlin

Since we are talking about department stores!

The largest Department Store in Europe is also located in Berlin at Tauentzienstrasse. 21-24, 10789 Berlin. It is called "Das Kaufhaus des Westens" (KaDeWe). You are probably wondering why I recommend this department store in an article about traveling with kids!? No, it is not because there is just endless, wonderful shopping and an amazing top floor with every food you can imagine! Not because there are about 110 cooks ready to prepare your foods, may it be curry wurst and German potato salad or any other German delicacy or dessert. Where you can enjoy a beer or espresso coffee, sitting down and relaxing. Relaxing, yeah right! That's probably what you are thinking right now!

Well, there is also a supervised daycare on the third floor of the KaDeWe. Very professionally and super fun for the "Kiddos"! Children between 2 and 10 years old can stay there for free for up to 3 hours ! After 3 hours, there is a small fee. You will receive a cell phone, to be able to stay in contact with the teachers (they do speak English) if necessary during the time of care. Leaving the KaDeWe during that time is prohibited!

A quick look into the Berlin KADEWE


Legoland is a great option!

The "Legoland" is located at the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz. Young and old can have fun here for about 17 Euros per person (whole day price). Your favorite characters will be built out of these famous little building blocks. There is a Pirate Zone, Dragon Quest, and even a Princess Palace! You might be better off to arrive after 3 pm to avoid crowds like school classes, clubs etc..The ticket will be about half the prize also, with 4 hours of play and fun. You used to only be able to buy those cheaper tickets on-line though, so you may want to take a note of that before planning your vacation.


Saving the best for last, the Tropical Island!

Tropical Island is an indoor island and water park!It is the size of 8 Football Fields and at a 60 km (about 37 miles) distance from Berlin. The inside temperature stays around a comfortable 75 Degrees F. There is a Spa, Sauna Land, Bars and Restaurants, Shows and an Island Buffet! Shopping is also available! You can launch at the beach, slide down the Water Slide Tower, hang out at the Bali Lagoon and much more! There is a Kids Club available! You can even spend the night in a tent at the beach! (There is an overnight fee of 15 Euros added at 3 am automatically)

An Adult Ticket costs 28.50 Euros, Children age 4-14, 23 Euros, Kids between 0 and 3 are free! There is a kids "Welcome Offer"for ages 4-14. With 2 paying adults and one kid paying, you can get up to 3 more kids in for free!

You will get an armband to wear while visiting Tropical Island. Do not loose it, it will cost you! There is no need to have any money while shopping or dining, your armband will simply get scanned and you will pay on your way out!

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