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Where are the best, safe and cheap places to live in Berlin - Cheap areas for students and for families in Germany

Updated on September 11, 2015
Berlin is one of the best city to live in Europe. Very multi-cultural and dynamic.
Berlin is one of the best city to live in Europe. Very multi-cultural and dynamic. | Source

When me and wife moved to Berlin, we did a lot of research where to live there. In this article I like to share my experiences with you.

There are several wonderful places to live in Berlin. Some of the areas where foreigners live are Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, Tiergarden, Mitte, Charlottenburg and Friedrichshain. The other regions are in the east part of Berlin and are not much safe for foreigners. We heard a lot about racial attacks on foreigners in the eastern part.

Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow - It is located in the north of Berlin. It has lots of bars and pubs. It is one of the richest areas in Berlin and foreigners first choice. There are lots of international kinder gardens and schools nearby. There are also small parks for kids . Apartment prices are a bit higher here compared to other areas. There are lots of Americans living there and there are regular 'Mothers meeting', and other social activities for foreigners there. One of the main problem in this area is the low flying planes, as there is an airport nearby.

Mitte- The city center is in this place. So as you expect ,things are expensive, lots of traffic and lots of people around.

Tiergarden- It is in the south of Berlin. This is also a very nice place to live. As the name says, there is a beautiful garden there, where you can spent your evening.

Charlottenburg- It is in the south of Berlin. This is also one of the richest areas in Berlin. You can see the richness of the area by looking that new Mercedenz benz , BMW and other expensive cars in the roads. Apartments are expensive here, so as dining out.

Wedding - Many Germans don't like to live in this area due to large number of Turkish and Arabs living in this area. For foreigners this is a nice place to live and shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. I won't recommend this place if you are moving to Berlin with children, as schools here are not much recommended. If you are single and like to live in a large apartment, this will be the cheapest area in Berlin. Area around Gesundbrunnen is the best neighborhood in Wedding (for shopping, best train connection, more parks.....)

Dahlem:This is in the southern part of Berlin where a lot of foreign embassies are located. For instance US passport services are in the Dahlem US embassy building. There are also American military buildings there constructed after the war. A lot of wealthy Germans and foreigners live there. Students enrolled at Free University, Berlin also travels to Dahlem (but most of them don't stay there). Life is expensive in that region but if you are wealthy this is the place to live in Berlin.

Buddy bear  can be seen all over  Berlin. It is considered a symbol of Berlin. This photo is from a shopping center in Berlin
Buddy bear can be seen all over Berlin. It is considered a symbol of Berlin. This photo is from a shopping center in Berlin


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    • profile image

      Lisa brown 

      5 years ago

      Hi my family of 2 adults 4 children are looking to be settled im east berlin we will rent to begin with could you please tell me a good rental site kind regards

    • Wasteless Project profile image

      Wasteless Project 

      7 years ago from Worldwide

      Hi Berlin123, good hub! I am originally from Berlin myself, too. I think you should mention Kreuzberg, too. Especially the area around Maybachufer is really nice - if you are lucky enough to find an appartment there;) Are you still in Berlin?


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