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best cities that you must visit in Europe

Updated on August 9, 2016

how I exchange my wife to a princess

At one day my wife and I were thinking where should we travel for our honeymoon. We searched for too long and we still didn't know were should we go. I was thinking how can I make an unforgotten vacation but i don't mean the place I mean how should we choose the place. I decides to choose the place randomly from the Google Maps. I let my wife to chose while she cover her eyes, so she randomly chose city call Interlaken. "hmmmm Interlaken that sound fancy kind of French city" I said. Interlaken once of the most beautiful city at Switzerland. We booked the flight, hotel and attraction places.

We are now in Switzerland and surprise...

To Be Continued..

A markerinterlaken switzerland -
Interlaken, Switzerland
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