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Best Place to Stay in Osaka

Updated on November 1, 2010

Visiting Osaka? Need to find a nice place to stay? Osaka is a big city and it can be confusing trying to figure out what area of Osaka to stay in. Osaka also is not a city known for it's beauty. It's more a big bustling metropolis. It's important when staying in OSaka to find a place that's comfortable for you and not in the thick of everything, yet close to food and shopping as well as easy access to other parts of Osaka and nearby Kyoto. That's why I recommend....

The Osaka Business Park

If you can afford it, I've found the best area in osaka to stay in. There are several areas of Osaka with great hotels but I've found what I think is the best location for accomadations in Osaka.

It's got everything.

The Area is known as the Osaka Business Park and while the name doesn't sound that appealing, the area is perfect whether you are traveling or on business.

Some of the highlights of this area:

Quiet and Isolated

As the map below shows, the business park is located on a pennisula between to branches of a river. This isolates it a little from the bustle of the city. Also it is nearby one of the nicest parks in Japan. Osaka castle park, is famous of course for the fact that it has Osaka castle located in the middle of it. The park is basically the old castle grounds including ancient battlements and bridges. You can get  nice views of the castle from the Hotel New Otani. 

Plus you can go for walks or jogs in the park and seem some green in grey Osaka. Plus during spring you can enjoy the Japanese tradition of Cherry blossom viewing. Also there are often events and other activities going on in the park making it a nice place to explore and maybe even interact with the locals. 

show route and directions
A markerosaka business park -
Osaka Business Park Station, Japan
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Possibly the best place to stay in Osaka.

B markerKyobashi -
Kyobashi Station, Japan
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A huge train station with trains that go directly to the center of nearby Kyoto as well as express trains to the airport and shinkansen

C marker大阪城 -
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D markerosakajokoen -
Osakajokoen Station, Japan
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Convenient Transportation

Business park is right next to Osaka-Jo-Koen station which is on one of the main train lines that serves Osaka. Known as the loop line, this train is easy to take and can bring you to most of the places you want to go in Osaka. It has connections to All the biggest stations. You can also get to the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) as well as catch the Airport express trains easily.

Also about 10 minutes away by foot is one of the biggest Stations in Osaka, known as Kyobashi.

Kyobashi station has numerous train connections including the Keihan train line that goes directly to the heart of Kyoto. It only takes about 45-50 minutes to find yourself immersed in Japanese culture in Kyoto's famous Gion District.


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