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Best Stroller to take to Disney World

Updated on August 30, 2017

Disney with Young Children Requires Much Thought on the Best Stroller to Take

How many kids will you be strolling? Even the ones that are a bit older may wear out quickly and you may need to plan for a double stroller or one for mom and one for dad. Keep reading and I'll show you the best for each situation as well as give you some general tips if you go out to purchase one (or two) from the store for your trip.

How Many Children will be strolling

during your vacation?

Children Ages 3 - 10 at Disney

Should they walk or be at least partially strolled? And what is the age cut off from strolling?

Questions to Ask Yourself

To Get the Best Stroller For Your Situation at Disney

* If you're flying will you need a stroller in the airports (especially if you change planes)?

* Will you need a stroller in and around your resort or other places like Universal Studios or other Florida attractions?

* Do you need storage inside your stroller for diapers, bottles and toys?

* How many children will be strolling?

* Will you need a single stroller, a double stroller, or a single and a double stroller (for three children)?

If Buying a Stroller to Take to Disney Check the Wheels

One thing you'll want to make sure of is to get a stroller that has good swivel wheels because you don't want wheels get stuck every time you turn around!!

To Buy or To Rent

a stroller for a Disney Vacation is the next question to ask yourself.

How much do(es) the stroller(s) you would have to purchase and bring with you cost

and how much will it cost to rent the same at Disney parks?

* The cost for a single Disney stroller is $15 per day

*,The cost for a double Disney stroller will cost $31 per day.

However, if you pay in advance for the duration of your stay, you will pay $13 per day for a single and $27 per day for a double.

A $100 credit card deposit is required per strollers rented at the Downtown Disney Area. The rented stroller must be returned to the original rental location to receive a credit card deposit refund.

You Can Rent Strollers from All the Major Parks at Disney

However, you can't use them on the resorts or park hop with them.

The four major Disney World theme parks and Downtown Disney offer stroller rentals: both single and double are available. These are not traditional type strollers. and don't work for infants. However they will accommodate the bigger kids, who get tired easily.

The park strollers are just that; they may not be taken outside the parks, so if you will require a stroller elsewhere you will want to consider another option.

If you park hop, you don't have to pay again to get another stroller. Just keep your receipt and you can get another one once you get to the next park.

What's your experience with strollers at Disney World or Disney Land?

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