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Which is The Best Time to Visit Orlando?

Updated on October 21, 2016


Even though this article is titled “The Best Time to Visit Orlando” I want to come out clean and say that there is no ONE best time to visit. I may prefer to go to the city in October but for a couple with young kids visiting in October will be close to impossible because school isn’t out. Hence, the best time to visit any city anywhere in world depends on your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, when people do their research on "the best time to visit" they are usually interested in the weather. Weather is an important factor but when it comes to top tourist destinations it is equally important to look at the crowd level as it can affect your expenses, the time you spend waiting in lines and what you get to experience. As a result, I will give equal importance to both these factors in this article.

So let’s get on with it, what is Orlando like in….


Hot or Cold?

Whether it’s mild or hot will depend on the type of winter the city experienced. If the winters were cold then you will experience mild temperatures during early months of spring i.e. February and March. If the winters were not so cold then things are more likely to become hot and sticky by the end of February.

Nonetheless, you will not witness really low or high temperatures. Hence, it’s safe to say that in terms of weather, early spring can be a great time to visit Orlando.

You Say "beautiful,” I Say...(Sneeze)..."Excuse Me"

If you are someone who absolutely loves flowers or a person who can recite the name of every anti-allergy medicine available in the market then you would have already guessed what I am talking about. Spring in Orlando like anywhere in the world is the blooming-season. Therefore, you will find blooming flowers all over the city. This can be a nightmare if you are allergic to pollen or an attraction if you like the smell and site of blooming flowers.

Long Lines?

Orlando can be and is busy during certain times in spring. The words you need to pay attention to are "certain times." If you plan your trip wisely and avoid the extremely busy weeks then you will be able to dodge the crowds to some extent.

Go for a weeklong trip so that you will have 5 weekdays (the crowd level goes down during weekdays) but make sure that this week does not Fall on or around Easter because in that week everything will be jam packed and I mean everything. Another benefit of visiting in the beginning of the spring season is the discounts on hotels or timeshares in Orlando.

Flowers at Disney, Orlando
Flowers at Disney, Orlando

…the Summers?

I Am Burning!

Make no mistake, summers in Orlando are hot. If the thought of standing in lines and walking around drenched in sweat makes your stomach churn then don't go to Orlando in the summers. Those of you who live in cold areas and have respiratory problems should definitely pay heed to this advice. Also, during this time of the year the UV index is at its max, therefore, carry a good sun screen lotion. On the bright side, extra hours of daylight allow businesses to prolong their working hours giving you the option to stay out till late. Moreover, this is a great time to take advantage of the amazing water parks in Orlando. Beat the heat and have fun at the same time.

What Discount?

Most establishments run at full capacity in this season. You will be lucky to get discounts on accommodations unless you take an alternative route and buy a membership at a destinations club which can be a viable alternative to timeshare and vacation rentals.

Crowds at Universal Studios, Orlando
Crowds at Universal Studios, Orlando

… Fall?

Crowds Be Gone!

Orlando is a year round resort but fall is when the city gets the least number of visitors. Hence, businesses have an incentive to do whatever they can to keep going which means discounts and sales for tourists. However, this also means that businesses are not interested in staying open till late and most places shut down by 7 or 8 in the evening.


The mercury goes down by a certain extent. If you can make it before Thanksgiving then you will be able to enjoy some pleasant evenings. However, this still does not beat the weather that you can experience in early spring.

Discounts and Sales are Common During Fall
Discounts and Sales are Common During Fall

…the Winters?

Is This Winter?

It would be unfair to say that Orlando has a proper winter. Unless you have spent most of your life in Sub-Saharan Africa you will be quite comfortable. But the temperature isn’t always predictable and/or stable. It does get cold at night, sometimes close to freezing, and there can be wild swings in day to day temperatures, especially in January and December.

Ho Ho Ho!

The only time you will see huge crowds in Orlando in the winters is during the holiday season starting mid-December and ending in the first week of January. During this period places will be as crowded as they are during the busiest weeks of spring and summer.

Let's Get Down to Business

During the winter season Orlando turns into a business and conventions center which means that hotel rooms are booked in bulk leaving families with limited options. Hence, it is vital that you plan your trip is advance. Take note that these businessmen are in Orlando for work. Therefore, full hotels do not mean crowded parks. Again, don’t go during the busy weeks and you will not spend too much time waiting in lines.

Christmas in Orlando
Christmas in Orlando

End Note

This was an overview of the all the seasons in Orlando. Again, the best time to visit depends on your needs and preferences and what is best for me may not be the best for you. However, one point is common across all seasons - weekdays will be less crowded than weekends. Therefore, plan a weeklong trip to minimize the risk of running into huge crowds that can significantly reduce the quality of your trip.


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      mellisat 6 years ago

      I agree with you that the most important factors while going for holidays is crowd factor. No one likes to spend time in lines an all that. So one should plan before going out for vacations.