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Best Travel Spots to Spend your Vacation

Updated on September 1, 2013

Best Travel Spots

Travelling as an activity helps us see the world beyond our immediate environment and provides us the opportunity for relaxation and fun. While I was growing up my grandfather used to say that "In addition, the person that has traveled a lot is more likely to tell whether or not the world was flat." The point he was trying to make in this figurative statement is that travelling also destroys some stereotypes we have about various cultures. My grandfather lived in an era when travelling was nt as big as it is today.

These days people travel for honeymoons, site seeing and other vacations. Some travel spots are generally better than others. This lens lists the five best travel spots around the world.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is number one on this list courtesy of its rich culture, the great value it provides for every dollar spent by tourists and off the beaten track. Although the country just recovered from a war that lasted from 1983 to 2009 and a tsunami disaster that struck it 2004 the tourism industry is booming. Some parts of the country are still off limits to tourists for safety concerns, but the areas that are safe does enough justice in displaying Sri Lankan cricket, holistic medicine, food and cultural exports.

2. Montenegro

Montenegro is rated high on this list by virtue of the adventure-like activities it provides to travelers and its off the beaten track record. Nature has produced a lot of amazing scenery in Montenegro such as the buzzy beaches along its Riviera and the bewitching Bay of Kotor. You would need your hiking boots and swimsuits as Montenegro has even more beauty to offer in the wild.

3. South Korea

South Korea's status as a good recreational destination is relatively unknown, but it is expected to gain popularity this year courtesy of some of the sporting events the country is hosting.

There are some interesting cultural histories to learn and lots of festive holidays spread out throughout the year. It is a good spot for travelers who are interested in outdoor recreational activities and other events. You can think of South Korea as some sort of fantage

4. Ecuador

Ecuador is the choicest destination for South American bound tourists. It is blessed with a tropical climate and Amazonian jungle plain. There are four national parks to explore in Ecuador.

There is a lot of history behind the capital city of Quito. For just an admission fee of $8.50 per person a cable car will take you to the highest mountain in Quito where you can view the whole city from the sky.

5. Slovakia

Slovakia is the second best destination for European bound tourists. It is known for its natural beauty, culture , history and off the beat track record. There are 9 national parks in Slovakia scattered around the country whose geology largely consists of limestone.

Slovakia is famous for having the highest number of castles in the world and the numerous minerals and thermal springs it possesses. Although, you may not associate Slovakia with a lot of fantage, it is a very good location for travelers especially history lovers.

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    • profile image

      diligentwheel lm 4 years ago

      @SantiagoPadilla....Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    • profile image

      SantiagoPadilla 4 years ago

      Ecuador is really the best place to travel, love the weather and natural scenaries its awesome...

    • profile image

      SantiagoPadilla 4 years ago

      Ecuador is really the best place to travel, love the weather and natural scenaries its awesome...