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Giraffe ,buffalo skeleton in big five safari

Updated on March 17, 2012

know about big five

1. lion

2. leopards

3. elephant

4. buffalo

5. rhinoceros

East african headquarters , kenya has her own beautiful landscapes and wonderful wild lifes. The abovesaid big five famous and must see at kenya. Visiting the big five in their home is adventurous as well as enjoyable. Every year , people from all over the world visit kenya to experience the natural way of adventure .

Masai mara is the forest land where you can find the big five. It is advisable to visit this area during july to september period. You may able to come across zebra, giraffe, wild beast, apart from abovesaid big five.

Lion belongs to cat family. It is regarded as king of forest. Lion is a lazy animal. It prefer dawn or dusk for hunting. Mostly lioness in a group hunt buffalo's , deer etc.,This hunting scene can be seen at masaimara. Even lion resting can be seen at savanah's.

Leopard can be seen also at masaimara. But being tricky , you can not see whether it is inside the bush or not. So getting down from the vehicle is not recommended at masai mara. Any break-down in travelling vehicle can be informed using wireless radio system.Rescue team is available to assist us.

Elephant , the biggest living mammal attracts one and all. Elephant also can be seen in groups. It is believed that, elephant walks nearly 40kms everyday. African elephants has larger ears than asian elephants.Beauty that, both male and female elephant has tusk in africa, unlike in asian elephants only the male has tusk. 

Buffalo , quite and calm animal. But excited mood it can harmful for human beings. So it is not recommended horn the vehicle , when the buffalo's are near.

Rhinoceros , you may find at masaimara, walking slowly. Black in colour.

Apart from these animals, you may able to come across giraffes, deers, monkeys, hippos, crocodile, hynea , zebras,and wild beast.

During may to june, migration of wildbeast takes place, in search of greeneries. Thousands in number wildbeast crosses the mara river and get attacked by crocodile. Some of the wildbeast loses its life and leaving the place full of skeletons.

big five in picture
big five in picture
giraffe at grass land
giraffe at grass land
Lion resting at grass land
Lion resting at grass land
Buffalo's skeleton at mara river area
Buffalo's skeleton at mara river area
Impala deer
Impala deer
wildebeest migration
wildebeest migration
wildbeast skeleton's at mara riverbed
wildbeast skeleton's at mara riverbed

kenya's masaimara

A markermasai mara ,kenya -
Masai Mara, Kenya
get directions

Masai mara , the wonderland of Kenya, is one of the must visit place in kenya. You can find Giraffe, Lion, chettah, elephant, deer,hynea etc.,Have fun


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Yes Peggy W. But it is must to see and enjoy African safari.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It would be a dream vacation to take a safari in Africa someday.


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