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Big Island Hawaii Beaches

Updated on November 20, 2010

Big Island of Hawaii Beaches

The Big Island of Hawaii is not really known for its beaches. But there are over 80 known beaches on the island. I have lived on The Big Island of Hawaii off or many years and I have not been to all the beaches. I can tell you that many of the beaches have very poor access. Its not like being on the mainland where you drive up pay your money and lay on the beach.

Going to the beach on this island is an adventure, sure we have beaches that have easy access and parking lots. but some of the best beaches in the world are here on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Be prepared to hike, bring water and toilet paper because many of the beaches have no facilities. I love it here. If you are looking for a taste of real old Hawaii. The Big Island might be for you. It is also less expensive than all the other Islands. Come on over and check us out!

The link to lets go beach guide is the best guide to beaches on this island. In fact I found plenty of beaches that I had never heard of on their website. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are thinking of traveling to The Big Island of Hawaii be prepared to witness the most diverse climate per square miles in the world. Yes I can see a snow capped Volcano from my favorite surf spot. If you drive 20 minutes from my house you will be on a fresh lava flow.

Hawaii has changed in the last 25 years but on this island there is very little industry and pollution is minimal. People are relaxed in general, compared to the mainland.

Life is slower here and people do not seem to be effected by every little piece of 5 oclock news because we are to busy enjoying our lives to be concerned with every bit of propaganda that they are slinging this week.

Depending where you are on this island the weather can be freezing to typical Hawaii. Tropical!

Big Island Living

Living on The Big Island of Hawaii is a unique experience and is not for everyone. One is constantly remained that this not the mainland and getting many things done takes plenty of patience and or a deep pocket. I dont want to let out any secrets about our island but it is in-expencive to live here especially if you enjoy growing your own food as I do!

Food is expensive and we tend to get things from the mainland that they mainlanders do not want. Just my opinion ;-) We have a diverse culture here but people are very tolerant much more than is really realized.

If you plan to move here its a good idea to spend a few weeks here at different times of the year. I have seen so many people that buy homes after being here a few weeks and don not really realize where they are ! Seriously. It rains here sometimes for weeks. This is Hawaii ;-)

Big Island of Hawaii


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