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Blanket Trips - Free Trips

Updated on June 22, 2014

Blanket Trip Wars

A few years ago, the streets of Benidorm were strewn with touters, enticing with annoying, brochure-thrusting, timeshare-esgue gusto, the latest flip flop arrivals from the UK, offering free trips to local attractions like Guadalest, Moraira market, Jalon valley and the Fonts de algar, to name a few.

The competition was fierce, and one British company took it a pone themselves to employ eastern European thugs to threaten rival street inviters. One provocation ending with violence and an arrest. After such incidents the streets were swooped and cleaned up -- to a degree, with the larger more reputable companies moving into the hotels and paying for collaboration's with high profile tour operators, leaving the smaller blanket trip companies to tout the street and ignore the fines, eventually closing.

Agues de Busot
Agues de Busot

So what is a Blanket Trip?

A spokesperson for one of the largest and more reputable excursion companies stated. "We always make it clear that we offer an excursion (packed full of useful information from the bus representative) to a fantastic destination, and in return we only ask that they sit in the comfort of our modern showrooms, and watch a health presentation, we provide refreshments and try to make the experience as pleasant as possible, and remember it's completely free of charge."

The health presentation is forty five minutes long, on average, and informative. Explaining their therapeutic sleep system, covering anything from dust mites, Eliocel Vacuum Flex mattresses to the pros and cons of Marino wool verses normal bedding. Currently they offer a silk duvet, hence the name blanket trip.

Most trip durations consist of morning trips, with pick-ups around 9:00 arriving back at the Hotel for 15:30-1730, depending on the trip. Afternoon trip pick-ups start at 11:30, arriving back at the Hotel for 17:30 aiming to get People back to the Hotels for their all-inclusive dinners.

Some of the countries currently offering Blanket trips:




Grand Canaria




Spain including: Benidorm, Malaga, Almeria and Salou,

The trips are aimed at mainly the British because they are presented in English and offer free delivery to the UK.

Have you ever been on a blanket trip?

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    • MJsConsignments profile image

      Michelle 5 years ago from Central Ohio, USA

      Interesting. There's a similar phenomenon in U.S. resort cities. You go and listen to a 45 minutes to an hour presentation/sales pitch for timeshares, insurance or what have you during which you usually get breakfast. After the "presentation" there's typically a pretty high pressure pitch but, at the end, you walk out with a pair or 4 pack of expensive theme park tickets or a couple of nights free stay at a top hotel and the like. If you don't mind the pitch, it's sometimes worth it. It's the same here as there though. Some towns, they're out on the streets. Some, they've moved into the hotels after being removed from the streets.