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Brazil Flag Pictures

Updated on May 7, 2010

After I wrote the article about the Brazilian flag, explaining how it is and what is the flag meaning, I realized that many people arrive from Google searching on "Brazil flag pictures". So I made this one with multiple pictures of the Brazil flag.

If you want to see the official image of the Brazilian flag, or want to know some information about it, including the meaning of the flag's colors, please go to the other text. In this I only put these pics that are photos of Brazil flag taken from stock.xchng.

To use any of the following pictures of Brazilian flag, please follow the credit links.

Brazil flag pictures credits

The photos used above are from the free stock photo site stock.xchng. Follow the link of each one to know who're the authors and how you can use their photos.

  • Brazil on wind 2 - link
  • Brazilian Flag - link
  • brazil flag - link
  • Brazilian Flag - link


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    • profile image

      aon 5 years ago

      i like this flag very very very very very much when i grow i go to first BRAZIL for make a hotle

    • profile image

      Zitlali 6 years ago

      It is cooooooooooooooooool

    • profile image

      allison garner 7 years ago

      nice flag i love it how did yall make it