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Choosing a Family Vacation

Updated on February 28, 2014

Making the Decision

Deciding where to go for the next family vacation can be a tough process. However, there is no reason it should be like pulling teeth. Don't stress yourself out about making that final decision. Instead, continue reading and you will find a few thoughts on what you can do to make the next family vacation planning process go a whole lot smoother.

Spring Break

Now that summer has come and gone and the kids are all back in school it's time for you to start thinking about spring break. You're probably thinking, "Whoaaa...wait a minute! I'm not even sure what is going to happen next week let alone four months from now." Which is exactly why NOW is the time to plan. But the question you must answer first is "To ski or to surf?" Or to put it in a different context snow or sun?

Depending upon where you live that may be a no brainer answer as generally speaking people who live in cold weather climates want to escape to the sun (beach) when spring time hits. And vice versa for those who live in the warm weather climates or locales. The thought of cool mountain air and late winter skiing is too enticing to pass up. But if you find yourself in the boat where it's hard to make that decision then keep reading for some ideas on how to make that decision in a very practical way.

The Pro's and the Con's

Which combination sounds more appeasing? Snow & Sun or Sand & Sun? Does carving turns in spring corn followed by a night in Breckenridge, CO at one of the many luxurious Breckenridge vacation rentals entice you? Or does basking in the sun intermixed with catching a few waves sound more up your alley?

Choices, choices, choices...both are equally tempting ideas. So how do you choose? You must weigh the pros and the cons to each. The cost, lodging availability, activities, entertainment options, and convenience are just a few of the things you should consider. Create a list of the pros and cons for each and then rank each of the factors. For those of you who are visual this will really help you to make an educated decision.

BlueSky Luxury Condo
BlueSky Luxury Condo


In order to populate the pros and cons on that list you're going to need to do some research. You'll need to figure out what's available for Breckenridge vacation homes or for places you can surf on the Pacific. You'll need to figure out what activities there are in each location (other than skiing and surfing). You'll need to figure out the convenience factor for restaurants and entertainment options among other things. I think you get the idea. And most importantly of all, make the decision as a family!

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