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Bucket List Ideas

Updated on August 16, 2017

Why make a Bucket List?

As the term "bucket list" is common to most, I will only briefly describe the basic concept of a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of ideas, dreams, or goals that an individual wishes to accomplish before he or she dies. The list can be long or short and contain as much detail as you like, but the main purpose of the list is to effectively organize thoughts and ideas into an attainable format that can be realistically accomplished before the individual dies. A bucket list allows people the chance to manage their time by prioritizing certain goals that they want to achieve. Without a bucket list of sorts, our busy schedules make it nearly impossible to take time for ourselves to accomplish the things we have always dreamed of doing. Bucket lists actually improve productivity at work. I am going to list out some of the things on my bucket list. These are not my top things but just some of the goals from my entire bucket list.

1. Go on a guided mountain climb up Mt. McKinley lasting 3 or more days.

2. Spend some time with American Indians on a reservation, and learn about some of their customs. Then I would like to write an article about what I learned.

3. Complete a 1000 mile bike tour. I want to camp along the way in state and national forests bringing my food and gear along the way. I would like to do this with one other companion.

4. Enter my Yellow and Chocolate Labs into a dock jumping competition. My labs can jump over 15 feet off the dock for a tennis ball, and I would like to test their abilities in an actual dock dogs competition.

5. Purchase 1 or more sheep (or other similar livestock animal) and learn about the raising process and taking the animal to market.

6. See The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

7. Fly a small airplane.

8. Learn how to operate a sailboat on a basic level.

9. Purchase 2 season tickets for a professional sports team and share the tickets with friends and family.

10. Vacation in the Republic of Palau, a small island country in the South Pacific, with my wife.

11. See the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

12. Complete some sort of physically challenging task in nature that requires weeks or months of preparation. For me, I want to hike the entire Appalachian Trail before I turn 30. The Appalachian Trail spans 2,170 miles from Maine to Georgia, and only 1,000 or so hikers complete the daunting task each year. I believe accomplishing a tough physical goal through training and planning provides one of the greatest senses of satisfaction that can be experienced during our lives.

13. Train for and complete the Blue Ridge Marathon in my hometown.

14. Own a waterfront vacation home.

There you have it! Hopefully that gets your brain thinking and planning your very own bucket list. The main purpose for creating this hub was to see the things that my fellow hubs desire doing before they die. So go ahead and start posting comments of things that are on your bucket list!

Do you have any of these bucket list ideas on your own bucket list?

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    • billy sidhu profile image

      billy sidhu 

      6 years ago

      We were discussing the same very "bucket list" a couple of days ago!!! Now let me get cracking and get on with my list- thank you for making me think!

      Yeah- those 2 books are the absolute best!! love them. Thanks for writing


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